Ohio State Survives... Winthrop??

By Johnny Ginter on December 18, 2012 at 8:59p

In a classic case of looking ahead, the Ohio State men's basketball team went ahead and allowed the Winthrop Eagles to shoot roughly 40% from the 3-point line, which allowed them to keep the game relatively close as the Buckeyes went ice-cold in the second half.

Deshaun Thomas' 21 points were the difference, but Ohio State is going to have to start being much more consistent on the defensive end of the court if they want to compete against Kansas in a marquee matchup this Saturday. The weird (and maybe disconcerting) part of this game is that Winthrop's leading scorer had all of 12 points; six players had 5 points or more, and that is clear evidence of a bored team sleepwalking against an overmatched opponent.

The Jayhawks are up next. OSU had better wake up.


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I don't know if you can blame "looking ahead" (notice Kansas won very comfortably tonight). I think it's more a matter of an offensively challenged team having one of those nights--and it won't be the last time. We had enough of a talent edge to get by this time, but there aren't going to be many more games left this season where that's the case.

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Well when they had to buckle down on D in the second half, they did... and that was the ball game.
This to me is more of a classic 'underclassman' team, high and low emotions

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It didn't help that they were missing point blank lay ups. Oh well, 9-1.

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Yikes. That was not a pretty game at all. Everything just seemed to be off. The offense wasn't clicking, guys were missing shots right and left, and then getting out-rebounded. Then the defense was pretty ineffective. It looked looked like some of it was a lack of effort, but some of it was also bad luck with guys missing shots they normally make. I'm not convinced it was "looking ahead" to Kansas, but after playing like they did against Winthrop, I can honestly say I'm pretty worried about the Jayhawks coming to town.

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Kind of a blah game.  But they won and we can forget all about tonight with a win over KU.

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The only thing I can take away from this game is that we are inconsistent. We obviously were over-looking this Winthrop team in favor of the Jayhawks. The team needs to learn how to prepare for every game like it is their last and be more disicplined in general. I don't see us getting very far in the toruney if these traits still exist come march.

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It's a better learning opportunity to win a close one like this than a blowout or a loss... good teaching material for Matta this week.  Now he'll have their attention.

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