11W Recruiting Notebook: Holiday Wish List

By Alex on December 19, 2012 at 1:30p

The recruiting dead period began this week, meaning all contact going out to recruits is now forbidden until January 4, leaving the only recruiting to be done when prospects call college coaches by their own choice.

All I want for ChristmaHanuKwanzakah is Mike MitchellMike Mitchell could be a great gift for Buckeye Nation

Heading into the new year, the Buckeyes' coaching staff likes where they're sitting, currently with 19 commits in the class of 2013 and 3 spots at minimum, but more likely 6 spots at maximum, left to fill.

Urban Claus has been hard at work since OSU took down Michigan in late November, trying to deliver Buckeye Nation a holiday season to remember.

The prospects remaining on the big board are of top quality and it appears the Bucks are headed towards another top-five finish, likely a top-three finish come National Signing Day in February.

In this edition of the 11W Recruiting Notebook, we take a look at Ohio State's wish list, breaking down the program's top offensive and defensive targets remaining to see where things stand when it comes to them possibly finding homes in Columbus next year.

Join us after the jump to hear the latest happenings on the Ohio State recruiting trail to see how Urban Meyer's second recruiting class could play out in the next month or so.


At running back there are two prospects still being looked at by OSU, although right now it is not likely that either David Williams or Dontre Wilson end up in the Buckeyes' class.

Tom Herman's missionCould Wilson flip from the Ducks to the Bucks?

Williams, out of Imhotep in Philadelphia, has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Ohio State. He wanted to make a visit to Columbus for the Michigan game, but that wish was not granted by the staff, and it was thought all was done on that front.

It turns out that was not the case, as Ed Warinner was in his school a few weeks later and now it looks like the Bucks are setting Williams up to be a Plan B should Carlos Hyde decide to declare for the NFL Draft.

I think Hyde will end up returning to Columbus for one more season and Williams will end up either in South Carolina, Miami (FL), or Penn State. Pay attention to this situation, though, if Hyde does the unexpected.

As for Wilson, the DeSoto (TX) product committed to Oregon back in May over Ohio State and Texas A&M, and still maintains he is solid to the Ducks. The kicker for OSU here is that Tom Herman was at DeSoto for two straight weeks, and at this point in the recruiting season, I doubt he is just wasting his time chasing a pipe dream.

Wilson can say he's all Oregon all he wants publicly, but behind closed doors he is definitely flirting with the Buckeyes and if Chip Kelly takes an NFL job, you know who's net will be right there for the speedster to fall into.

At wide receiver Shelton Gibson, James Quick, Corn Elder, Ryan Timmons, and Corey Smith all have their names in the hat to claim spots in OSU's 2013 class.

Gibson is all Buckeye and just needs to make sure his grades and test scores are in order. Word is that is the case, and the staff will surely find out on his official visit on January 11. If all checks out, I expect Gibson to come away from that trip as a Buckeye, although he may wait until Signing Day to announce in order to give America some more time with Cleveland Heights legend Meg.

Quick took an official visit to Louisville last week and claims the Cardinals still have a "slight lead" over the Buckeyes, but that the lead was not extended following the trip. I personally think Quick wants to commit to OSU, but is facing tremendous pressure to be the hometown hero for Charlie Strong's squad. Derek, Miles, and I are in agreement that if both of Quick's parents get 100% behind his decision to come to Columbus then that is what will happen. A decision is expected at the US Army All-American Bowl on January 5, and our own Kyle Rowland will be there for coverage.

Elder is a speedy athlete out of Tennessee who supposedly favors the Buckeyes. In a year where the coaches could carry 85 players, I think he may already be in this class, but numbers could be an issue here. If either Gibson doesn't make grades or Quick chooses Louisville, look for Elder to be the next player to get the green light to pledge to this class.

Timmons is a fan favorite around here, but I think he is behind both Elder and Corey Smith in the pecking order. He took an official to Kentucky last week and it wouldn't shock me to see him commit to Mark Stoops if/when he gets word from Urban that there's just no room in this class. I like Timmons a lot as a player and think he can definitely play at Ohio State, but I just think it's a case of bad luck with the prospects in front of him.

Smith is a JuCo talent who recently committed to Mississippi State. He has a tentative visit set for January 18 and I think if there is room in the class by then that visit could actually happen. Keep an eye on what happens that weekend because I think a visit would tell all. The staff is not going to bring him in just for fun and Smith isn't going to make the trip back to his native Ohio if there's no committable offer available.

Finally, on the offensive line David Dawson and Kenny Lacy are out after reaffirming commitments to Michigan and UCLA, respectively, but Cameron Hunt and Dylan Wiesman are two new names on the radar.

Hunt, a California commit, has opened things up a bit following Jeff Tedford's dismissal from the school. Big-time programs like OSU, Michigan, Nebraska, and others are coming after him, and Urban Meyer stopped by his school last week while he was making a West Coast trip. Nothing serious is brewing with Hunt yet, so a scheduled official visit would be a big sign to look out for.

Wiesman was a Cincinnati commit, but he too has opened things back up, decommitting from the program following Butch Jones' departure for Tennessee. The 6-3/290 Colerain product was recently contacted by Kerry Coombs, who used to coach at his high school, and it looks like the Bucks could have interest. Once again, look out for a visit because if one is not scheduled, then it is just the staff doing their due diligence here.


With Donovan Munger's commitment it appears the book has closed on defensive line prospects for the class of 2013, but linebacker is a group that still needs talented bodies and there are a number of prospects in the mix.

Urban is ringing the BellUrban gets his shot at Vonn Bell on January 11

Mike Mitchell is probably at the top of the wish list for fans and coaches alike when it comes to linebacker prospects and the good news for OSU fans is that he won't take any more visits before he announces his commitment at the Army game on January 5. When that happens I expect it to be for Ohio State, as the Bucks have led for a while and the official visit seems to have sealed the deal.

Trey Johnson is right behind Mitchell and the former Auburn pledge favors the Buckeyes as well. An announcement very well could take place at the Under Armour All-America game in Orlando January 4, which would be huge considering he has really only been to OSU out of the schools he is considering. I expect Johnson to also enter the fold after the holiday break, making it a very happy new year for Buckeye Nation.

James Hearns is currently committed to Florida, but the Tallahassee native has shown interest in the Buckeyes and has an official visit scheduled to Columbus for January 11.

There is a chance that if the Bucks gets pledges from Mitchell and Johnson that the visit never happens, but Hearns is an outstanding player so we will just have to wait and see if the staff brings him in.

Chris Worley is a hybrid linebacker/defensive back and could find himself playing the Star position at Ohio State. Notice how I said at Ohio State? That is because barring something like academic issues standing in the way (Worley recently took the ACT again), this Glenville product is all Buckeye and it's only a matter of time before that is public knowledge.

Finally, Vonn Bell is considered the big fish that the staff is chasing and Miles broke some big news a couple of nights ago regarding his recruiting plans. Bell, who originally was going to announce his commitment and then take a visit to that school, has decided to slow things down a bit and will visit Ohio State on January 11, Alabama on January 18, and Tennessee on January 25 before making a decision.

This is great news for the Buckeyes as many thought Alabama was the favorite prior to this week, but it appears a trip from Urban Meyer down to Georgia for Ridgeland's championship game last weekend caused Vonn and his family to rethink things a bit. Nick Saban is a great recruiter and Butch Jones has some momentum and energy at Rocky Top, but nobody is better than Urban Meyer on the official visit and you can bet the Buckeyes' boss is gunning to lock the five-star prospect up on his official.



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Thanks for the update Alex, I will be looking out for grey boxes!

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If they get all of them, i'll probably be the happiest Buckeye on the planet.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Re: David Williams
What I don't get about his recruitment is that if we wanted to keep a RB recruit on the backburner why didn't we do that with Green?  He is a better prospect and a different back than Elliot.
Also, can you all stop perpetuating the myth that scholarship limits are affecting the size of this class?  This class is the same size as it would have been with or without the scholarship reductions.  The 2012 class was 3 players smaller and the 2015 class will be 3 players larger than it would have normally.  2013 and 2014 are unchanged as we are already working with 82 players.  If we were not on scholarship reductions this class would not be any larger and [insert prospect] would be in the exact same position.

Cause I couldn't go for three

Alex's picture

The scholarship limit certainly does impact the size of the class...not by saying "there would be 25 regardless", but we actually could have taken more than what we'll be able to take (3 more), as a few will enroll early and we can get to 85 scholarship players vs the 82 we will have to be at come fall...

You're failing to account for attrition which impacts numbers...last year we actually could have taken more, but missed out on Stefon Diggs, etc. come Signing Day. The coaches would have loved to have been at 82 recruited scholarship players, but instead to get to that number made a walk-on like Stewart Smith a scholly guy (which I love, but still isn't ideal).

There is absolutely a right or wrong in this case and the argument that the scholarship limit has no impact on the size of this class or next is 100% incorrect. If we're taking 25 this year for example, we would have been able to take 28.

rampageripster's picture

No. Wrong.
It's simple math.  In 2011 we were allowed to be at 85.  In 2012 we were only allowed to be at 82. Regardless of attrition, regardless of any other factors, our limit was 82.  By that affect, we could only take 3 less players.  Didn't matter if any of them early enrolled, because they all count towards the total amount.
Your bit about a walk-on does matter either.  It doesn't matter who got the scholarship, it was given to someone, Diggs or a walk-on.  Essentially, that walk-on scholarship got us to 82 and should be treated as if it was part of the 2013 class (just a member that leaves super early).
Now we have this year.  We started the fall with 82 scholarships.  We have lost players through transfer/graduation/earlyNFLdraft.  This is the same number regardless if we had 82 or 85 scholarships to fill.  We only have so many spots becuase of players that have left the program.  If you want to make an argument that more players would have left if we were at 85, that's fine. But you aren't saying that.  The number of open slots is unchanged because the number of total scholarships we had last year to the number of total scholarships we have next year is unchanged.
In 2014 it will be the same. In 2015, we are allowed to have 85 total scholarships.  This means that the staff will have an extra three scholarships they did not have the year before.
The best way to think about it is that the NCAA is giving us three ghost players for 2012-2014.  They take up a scholarship but can't participate in anything.  They use up three open slots in the 2012 class, limit our depth for three years, then the spots open up in 2015.  They have ZERO affect on the size of the classes in 2013 and 2014.

Cause I couldn't go for three

hcazualcc's picture

i think it's awfully simplistic to say it only effects one class

rampageripster's picture

But it does.  It affects the whole team for three years because of depth reasons, but the size of the classes does not change.  
avialable scholarships is = #seniors + #transfers/dismissals + #earldraftees
That number is totally dependent on the size of the graduating class and defectors.  It has no relation to the number of total scholarships (85) because if you replace all of these one for one you should get to that number.  The 2013 class was further limited because the NCAA removed three scholarships from the pool because if you replaced one for one you would get to 85, but we are only allowed at 82.  But now, our starting point is 82.  So when you take all the players leaving the team and replace them one for one you will get back to 82.  This is the same for 2014.  In 2015 we are allowed to be at 85 again but if you repalce one for one you only get to 82, so the coaches are essentially given an extra three schollies to use.

Cause I couldn't go for three

Alex's picture

Nobody is arguing that the number is not 82...that's clearly the number...every year whether it is 82 or 85, we can only sign as many that will get us to that number, or more if we know the attrition coming...so what we are saying is that the scholarship reductions are not allowing us to take 3 more scholarship players by fall camp 2013 because we have to be at 82 not 85...not really sure where you're getting lost as it's pretty clear that we would be able to carry 3 more scholarship players had the ban hammer never come down


I guess what I'm saying is you can't look at it as we have X amount of spots in the class of 2012, x amount in the class of 2013, etc....the number you have to look at is 82 by fall camp and if we were allowed 85 by fall camp we would have three more players on the roster...yes those three players could have came last year or next year, but that doesn't matter....the bottom line is the NCAA is taking away three scholarships from the total number and if we were able to get those three back we would be able to take three players in this class (or last year or next year) that won't end up at OSU

Killer nuts's picture

Again I understand what you're saying. The point we're making is assuming we had 82 last year (which we did), if we had 85 this year then 3 extra people would be in this class therefore the reductions are affecting the class size. I agree we get a bonus 3 the year the ban ends but the point is that the ban is not ending this year, hence 3 are left out

Alex's picture

100% correct, we're not saying it's specific to this class, just that since we have to be at 82 there are three scholarships we normally have on years sans ban that we don't have this year or next year...thus if we had 82 players by the time NSD roles around with our commits, we'd be done recruiting this year, but in 2015 when we're back at 85 we'd be able to take 3 more players to get us to the allowable limit

rampageripster's picture

No, I understand EXACTLY what you are saying.  You are saying that if we were allowed to be at 85, we would have three more scholarships then in 2012.  And that is correct, but that still does not change the fact that we would have the same size of class now then if there was no scholarship reductions at all.
There are no three scholarshpis we've lost this year.  The senior class would have been the same size regardless, the transfers the same, the early draftees the same.  The class would have been the same size.
What you are arguing is that if the scholarship reductions were for only one year, this class would be bigger.  Which is true, but is kinda a silly statement.

Cause I couldn't go for three

FormerBuck's picture

I understand and agree with your math, but I would say it this way to keep it simpler.  Since incoming freshman usually stay at the school all 4 years, they are utilizing their scholarships all 4 of those years.  Basically since we have to be at 82 instead of 85, we are only losing 3 players total over the course of the ban, not 3 players per season or incoming class.  Does that make more sense?

rampageripster's picture

Yes.  That is exactly what I am saying.  So, in turn, the class sizes in the inbetween years are unaffected.  The first year this comes into affect, the class is 3 players smaller and the first year it is lifted it is 3 players larger.  The in-between classes are the exact same size as they would have been before.

Cause I couldn't go for three

Alex's picture

right and per the post I just replied to we are on the same page there...it impacts 3 spots on the roster over the three years...those three players either could have been all in 2012, 2013, or 2014 classes or they could have had one extra in all three classes, etc. (so actually, class size would be affected, maybe just by one body though)...there's no guarantee Meyer would have taken all of them in 2012 so that 2013 and 2014 would be the same as he could have wanted to bank those schollies for '13 and '14

But what I am saying is somewhere along the line 3 spots are not being used when they normally could have been, and now that we are looking at 2013, I am just using the player or players that could be left out.....

Alex's picture

I'm not comparing this class vs 2012 at all actually...I'm looking at it from the perspective of right now with our 19 commits we are at 79 total players for the fall, meaning we can take 3 more players to get to 82 right?

So, what I am saying is that if there were never any scholarship reductions, we could have taken 3 more last year (if you so want to look at it that way), but we didn't so I am saying we could have taken 3 more this year to get to 85. Correct?

i completely get the number of players we lost would have been the same per graduation/NFL draft, but the bottom line is that last year, this year, and next year we need to be at 82, so whether the extra bodies came in last year's class, this year's class, or next year's class, we could have been at 85 players if there were no scholarships, meaning 3 players are lost in the shuffle somewhere.

Being that it is this year and we have 79 and can only go to 82, I am saying that maybe a Corn Elder gets left out when he otherwise could be brought in, even if we had one extra spot to give (say we took two extra players last year, etc.)

Ask Urban Meyer if the scholarship reductions matter....he will tell you he is missing out carrying 3 players on his roster that he would have recruited, be it in the class of 2012, 2013, or 2014

rampageripster's picture

Ok, here'e your logic issue.  If you are looking at classes by seeing how many more to the total limit, you can't look at the class in a vacuum because the muber depends on past classes.  Essentially, the three players come from that 2012 class.  It's not one each from each class, it is three total.  We had to reduce by three in that first year.
If there were never any scholarships we would have taken three more last year.  Are you telling me that UFM would have banked 4 scholarships??? If you want to make that argument, go ahead, but I would disagree greatly.  Fact is that if the reductions never happened, our starting point would have been 85.  We would have lost the same number of players and we would repalce it wthe same number as we are doing right now.
Corn Elder would be in the EXACT same position.  And they do matter because of depth issues.  Imagine if he could have used those 3 scholarships in 2012 on more linebackers, or more OL men.  Would we be in the same pickle as we are now?
The only arguments you can make that the scholarship reductions affect this class's size is that either UFM would have banked those 3 in 2012 or having 85 would have caused more attrition.

Cause I couldn't go for three

E2Brutus's picture

It's true. I lost my arm a few years back - in a tug-of-war accident -  and when people come up to me now and say, "Hey you must miss your arm, huh?" I just yell, "NO! Wrong! That happened 3 years ago and things that happen in the past don't affect the future at all!" and then I ride off on my unicorn, Skittles!

FormerBuck's picture

You are spot on, Alex.  I just think this point needed to be clarified.  I'm willing to bet most people think we are losing 3 players per class, which is completely untrue.  

rampageripster's picture

Which is why I am putting up such a fight in this.  The language being used here is perpetuating a myth that this class is seriously handicapped be the reductions whent he truth is that it probably would be the exact same size with the off chance that UFM banked an extra scholarship or having 85 put more pressure on a player to transfer.
The truth is that Elder would most likely be in this exact position regardless.

Cause I couldn't go for three

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Rampage: we'd probably have to be part of the Buckeye coaching staff, ourselves, dealing with any of the complications that arise as a result of the schollie restrictions, to really get a good feel for any/all of the ramifications. You're right, up to a point, but I suspect that it's more than a basic math problem, partly for reasons that Alex mentions, but also other reasons we can't even conceive of - unless we're dealing with the logistics.  

Alex's picture

I think we're thinking the same thing, just both not explaining it clearly...at the end of the day 3 more players would be on the roster from 2012-2014, and those 3 players could all be in one class or spread across all three...so you're right that Corn Elder MAY be in the same position he is now, but he also may not be if they decided to use 1-3 more schollies in 2013 vs 2012 or 2014....also it doesn't have to be Corn Elder, it could have been different prospects last year or next year, but the point remains the same: the scholarship reduction DOES impact recruiting numbers (I know, just not neccessarily this year) 

OSUBias's picture

Your logic assumes that we would have or could have used all 3 last year. Truth is we couldn't have because we signed 25 guys in 2012, which is the B1G limit without filing a waiver (not sure it would have been granted, but that MIGHT have gotten us to 27 in the 2012 class, which is the absolute limit to my understanding). Therefore, in the largest 2012 class scenario, we might have signed 2 more guys, leaving an extra 1 scholarship for this year.
The only other way would have been to enroll more people early so they counted against the previous year's numbers (see Texas A&M's 345 commits this year), but that's a little hard to predict. I'm sure they could have found a way to use them all, but it's not a for sure they would have.
Long story short, your position requires the assumption that OSU would have done some serious petitioning, maneuvering, and essentially oversigning with it's 2012 class. I'm not sure that's a safe assumption. It also assumes we had 3 more guys we were ready to sign but couldn't last year; I'm not sure that's the case either.
There are too many factors to say it definitively did or didn't impact this class (butterfly effect and all that jazz), it's definitely not as black and white as your argument is trying to make it.

Slider...you stink

PierogyJim's picture

Perfect way to explain it, Mr. Alex.

sarasotabcg's picture

Alex is right and I'm still trying to figure out why there is a debate. The language from the NCAA penalty was pretty clear.

The Ohio State University Public Infractions Report, Dec 20, 2011, page 19, 3: Limit total grants-in-aid in the sport of football to 82 for each of the 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 academic years.

Simply put, when the fall term started this year and for the next few years there can be no more than 82 on scholarship. Not complicated.
This debate over class size is pointless because Urban just needs to be at 82 by the beginning of each fall academic term.

Killer nuts's picture

I agree with your premise about keeping the door open for green but around the time we stopped recruiting him Elliott mentioned we were only taking one back in this class. I don't think anyone could have foreseen Carlos having a real decision to make at the end of the season around the time we got Elliott's commitment.
Also, I don't think you're second point is accurate. If there were no scholarship reduction we could get our roster to 85 instead of 82 at any point during these 3 years. Yes we have 82 now but without the reduction we could get up to 85 which would be 3 more recruits
Edit: Alex and I figured this out at the same time

rampageripster's picture

1) But why did we leave the door open for Williams then?
2) See my post above

Cause I couldn't go for three

Killer nuts's picture

I'm not so sure we left the door open so much as stopped recruiting (a la Derrick green) then re-started recruiting when it became a possibility that Carlos may leave. For all we know the staff tried to recontact green also and he was no longer interested

Hayze's picture

I think part of the reasoning is we already have multiple "big" backs on the roster. Hyde (though moot if he leaves), Dunn, Smith and Ball are all bigger backs and Meyer is looking to fill the void of the scat-back type. Elliot and Marshall are a start but I think Meyer wants an even number of big and scat backs whereas getting just Green would be 4-2 big backs versus small backs.
Obviously if it's a once in a decade type of RB (like Chris Wells, Clarrett, Adrian Peterson) it doesn't matter what mold they fit you take him no matter what. However, the staff (nor I) think Green is that type of player. A very good player yes but not that level like the names mentioned above.
In 2014 we look to be in good shape with Jalen Hurd (fits the big back mold, also possible an H-Back) and Jonathan Haden (definite scat-back, extremely fast)

johnny11's picture

My wish list
Thats all I want for christmas. That is all

rampageripster's picture

Oh and a wish list:
after that is all gravy, and I would honestly rather bank the scholarship for next year

Cause I couldn't go for three

zachofaltrades's picture

Was in Mike Mitchell's sister's husband's photography studio yesterday.  (ya, i know that's a mouthfull)  He seems to think OSU all the way.  Just sayin.

Alex's picture

why would he get a down vote? Anyway, yes, Mitchell is a Buckeye

rampageripster's picture

I'll man up to this... cause that sort of backhanded rumor (some far out relative in a breif encounter) really has no place.  It's how rumors get started and the practice really shouldn't be encouraged.

Cause I couldn't go for three

zachofaltrades's picture

I would defend myself my saying:
A.  Mr. Mitchell is well known on this site and numerous staff have made it clear they believe Mikey will be in this class.  It's not like I was trying to convince anyone I had any inside info on some huge recruit that no one on this site is talking about. 
B. I didn't state it as fact.  Just a passing comment that strengthens the "Mitchell will sign with the Bucks" case.
C. I ending with "just sayin'" and as our favorite benchwarmer/club trill founder stated on Twitter the other day, if you end with "just sayin'" it absolves you from having to defend said argument.

rampageripster's picture

That's fine, and it's not an attack on you in any way.  I just believe that this sort of secondhand "knowledge" is where the majority of rumors start from and should, as general practice, be discouraged.
I did enjoy your short story below about your interaction with him though... shoulda led with that.

Cause I couldn't go for three

Ohio Guy in Jersey's picture

Give people some credit. He provided the context so others can decide for themselves what weight to give it. IMO Alex's post alone gives credence to the notion that Mitchell is a strong Buckeye lean.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

. . . if you end with "just sayin'" it absolves you from having to defend said argument.

Hmmm, wonder why that didn't work with my wife?

GABuckeye's picture

How is a brother-in-law a far out relative?  You must be having a bad day with all your argumentative comments in this thread.

zachofaltrades's picture

I got to talking football with the guy and he goes, "yeah, my sister's brother is a big time recruit, he's probably headed to OSU."  And I replied, "Mike Mitchell?"  And he just gave me this look like, HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW THAT?

hcazualcc's picture

LOL thanks for a good laugh.  Too funny, small world.  I'm excited for Mitchell and Johnson.  Funny how losing Lewis Neal and Anzalone seemed like such bad news at the time, I'm not sure I'd prefer that situation than the one we're in now anyways (no direspect to those great players).

GoldenBearBuckeye's picture

Maybe a tiny bit of disrespect to Anzalone?

GrossePointeBuck's picture

Sister's brother?  I'm assuming you mean wife's brother otherwise that's a family tree with no branches...

Golden Buckeye's picture

Thanks for the great news. But I think you must mean "my wife's* brother..."  otherwise you might've been talking to Mike Mitchell himself.. just sayin'

zachofaltrades's picture

Haha.  Yes, should have read "wife's brother," but with the popularity of this thread by the time I tried to edit the post I was blocked from doing so.

chromedomebuck's picture

I think if we get Mitchell and Johnson, I would not be at all surprised to see one or both of the starting by the first game of the season, which I'm sure was one of Urban's selling points to both guys.

Champions Bleed Scarlet & Gray

Ahh Saturday's picture

I would absolutely be surprised if Mitchell or Johnson end up starting next year.  I understand that they are outstanding high school prospects, but that is true for pretty much every recruit that comes to OSU.  For either to start next year they'd have to leap Perry, Perkins, and Williams from last year and all of those players were outstanding high school prospects as well.  Of course, for both to start they'd have to pass up Curtis Grant who was also a 5*, "can't miss" high school prospect who was certain to start his freshman year at OSU.  I'm not saying that neither could start.  What I'm saying is that there is nothing on any high school prospect's highlight tape that can ever support that conclusion.  Frst, sign them up.  Next get them in camp and see what they play like when their lined up against the best group of players they've ever competed against in their lives.

zachofaltrades's picture

All good points.  Has a freshman ever walked on to campus and started day 1 at linebacker?  Is there a precedent for this?  At the very least Grant or one of the sophomores would need to play until said freshman proved himself.  RDS is a monster this year, but last year he was smaller, and while still very good, didn't get time at LB til late in the season.

AC1972's picture

Andy Katzenmoyer.  Big Cat Started day one.  Also, I think Speils did.  Some needs to fact-check me.  I 'm too lazy :)

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Yep. I think sometimes we, as fans, get ahead of ourselves with projections of true freshman starters based on Youtube and camp performances and then see them struggle to make the adjustment to the playbook, focus, postion, and overall rigor of the college game. We then get frustrated (see Grant, Curtis) and are tempted to write them off as "busts". Just a byproduct of our fast-forward culture and, certainly, the success of some newbies. Hell, even Jadeveon Clowney didn't play as much as he could last year because he was trying to digest all the schemes thrown at him. It would surprise me if either recruit started (assuming, of course, they come). It would concern me if both started.

GoldenBearBuckeye's picture

Me too.
Freshman LB with no Spring Ball = special teams

cajunbuckeye's picture

Katzenmoyer was the only frosh that really pulled it of. He was a stud from day one. 12 QB sacks as a true freshmen.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

OSUBias's picture

I loved those visors, I wish they still allowed them. They just look bada$$.

Slider...you stink

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And this is how you wrap up tackle.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

RBuck's picture

For some strange reason I think Mike Mitchell and Mick Marotti will get along really well.

"It's just another case of there you are". ~ Doc (1918-2012)

JasonBuck's picture

I haven't seen anyone argue with a contributor (especially arguing with our recruiting guru Alex) in a LONG time on here....

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

I didn't see it as an argument at all.  They both were stating different things and were correct in their own points.   I actually think the poster had a valid point.

rampageripster's picture

Thanks.. you would think I was spouting nonesense out my rear end and insulting everyone's mother the way I was downvoted... I stopped responding because I like having the ability to vote and if I continued to debate Alex the 11W hivemind would have downvoted me out of existence.
There's such things as differing opinions.  In the end, Alex and I really weren't too far apart, and it became a debate about wording.  The fact that I got such a hostile reception for disagreeing with the "recruiting guru" is disconcerting to me...

Cause I couldn't go for three

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

Yea. For as much good as the voting system can do, it really does hinder contrarian views and minority opinion. Of course, that's assuming one cares about getting up or down voted. In your case, you may actually get privelidges revoked for doing exactly what the site was founded and built for.  Maybe you could have been gentler in making your case, but, I enjoyed the passion and spirit.  

rampageripster's picture

I generally don't care at all about internet points... but this system puts consequences on losing too many.  Not quite sure what I could have done differently there, and really don't get why I was downvoted other than I was disagreeing with Alex.
Whatever, life goes on.

Cause I couldn't go for three

GABuckeye's picture

You weren't downvoted for what you were saying.  You were downvoted for HOW you were saying it.  I didn't downvote you as I thought you were both right, but you were coming off as kind of an ass.

rampageripster's picture

Whatever... I don't entirely see it, but I'm over it.  Though I gaurentee you that if I was arguing with someone besides Alex it would not have generated nearly as much hostility.

Cause I couldn't go for three

lljjgg's picture

It's been exciting to see Urban building what ESPN might call an "SEC Defense" the last two years. If we could get Mitchell, Johnson and Bell this year--next year would just be icing on the cake. The structure is already there, now it'd just be about continuing to add elite depth through the next two recruiting classes.

As much as he's known for being an Offensive-minded coach, it's seems to me that you could argue his last two defensive classes have been better than his offensive classes. Stefon Diggs, Dorian Johnson, and now potentially James Quick would have made a huge difference, though. Think it's just a matter of time before he starts getting the right flip on that coin.

hodge's picture

Jalen Hurd in 2014 will be a turning point in Urban's offensive recruiting...provided that he can land him.  Big name guy, nationally recruited, he'll make a splash that people will take notice of.
Granted, he might be overshadowed with the defensive haul that Urbz is lining up for 2014...

lljjgg's picture

100% with you on that one Hodge. Not that I think we should chase 5 stars just to have a 5 star--I mean, I LOVE Barrett, Zeke and Marshall this year--but I can't wait to see that splash guy. Jalen Hurd is a great bet, maybe even Deshaun Watson if he flips.

Stefon Diggs still hurts a little in the sense that I felt like he was PERFECT for this offense, plug him in as the Slot and it would have been atomic. But I think Hurd can do a lot of things that T.J. Yeldon can do, and Deshaun Watson has the perfect skill-set to run this offense in the future. I also like Marshon Lattimore as a dynamic, Diggs-esque playmaker.

GABuckeye's picture

I like to think of it as a traditional Ohio State defense.  F&c$ the SEC.

d5k's picture

Somehow every SEC school gets credit for all the other SEC schools' great defensive players when you would be hard pressed to find a single SEC school which has had better NFL talent than OSU over the last 2 decades on defense.  They have been a deep conference the last several years (not as deep this year imo).  But I'm sure they think OSU, Oregon, Oklahoma etc would be middle of the pack or worse in the SEC somehow. 

lljjgg's picture

I agree with you! Just to be clear, I was making yet another (boring) allusion to ESPN's undying devotion to the SEC haha. The Silver Bullet defense was around LONG before the concept of "SEC-style defense" existed. Katzenmoyer, Spielman, the list goes on would have something to say about "SEC defense."

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is Kyle Kalis's two front teeth.
To make that happen, you need to drop Mitchell, Johnson, Vonn Bell and a few other complementary toys down Urbz's chimney.
Yours truly,
Fido, Jr.

GABuckeye's picture

Not going to lie - this made me laugh out loud at work.

stevebelliseeya's picture

 Does anyone think that the Mitchell photograph looks a little strange? It almost seems as if someone photoshopped Popeye arms onto him...if that's his real arms good lord....sorry, I think this every time that picture of him is used.

"We are eternal. All this pain is an illusion." - Tool

kareemabduljacobb's picture

ha it does look like his arms are photoshopped on, but dude is a beast.

O-H-I-Owe-U's picture

After all the fanfare of recruiting is passed, who do you think will emerge as the real leader of this class? 
Personally, I've read about Jalin Marshall's freak athleticism for so long, I can't wait to see him play. But I'm really curious to see how he responds to facing college level defenders each and every play. Same goes for all of these kids really.
Do we have a Simon and Boren in this group that will be all-out team guys and push the other guys to next level?

Hayze's picture

Looking at it right now I'd say the leader(s) will be Cameron Burrows and Eli Woodard. They are both very good but also have been committed a long time, developed friendships with most of the recruits and targets and are extremely hard workers.

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Looking like Chip Kelly and Oregon could be tied up in a recruiting mess according to Charles Robinson on Twitter.  This would be even more incentive for Chip Kelly to head to the NFL. 
Does Dontre Wilson end up a Buckeye if Kelly leaves?

Hayze's picture

Well it was rumored to be us, Oregon and A&M in his top three when he committed.
It's looking like A&M is trying to field two teams next year so he might look to go there?
However, there were rumors (so take this with a grain of salt) that Wilson favored the Bucks back in the spring and (gasp!) might even favor them now even though he's committed to Oregon.
Interesting situation.
Love Urban-Recruiting!

Johnniebuckeye's picture

Don't post much but in answer to linebackers starting as freshman I brlieve Marcus Marek is in that category, if I'm wrong please correct me, no problem. Also, Marcus was  3 & 1 against Jabb a's joke.  

GoldenBearBuckeye's picture

Katzenmoyer & Marek both started as freshmen, and now I'm out of examples.
Archie did not start until about the 3rd game when he was a freshman,
Not Laurinaitis, not Spielman, not Gradishar and thank goodness that Spitler or Klein didn't either

Citrus's picture

Dontre Wilson=Alex's mystery flip?

Oh I just love a good mystery.

razrback16's picture

Always enjoy these recruiting updates. Thanks!