11W Digest: May 5-11

By Corey Carpenter on May 11, 2012 at 1:00p

Your Friday 11W Digest catches you up on the content you might have missed or need to read again for your own good.

This Week in Skull Sessions

  • Saturday's Skull Session on Alex Anzalone, momemtum shift in The Game?, Shugarts uphill battle for a roster spot, more scandal finger pointing at PSU and Sammy Watkins caught with the sticky-icky. (Jeff)
  • Sunday's Skull Session on The Villian's huge role in Game 2, BTN's Tom Dienhart builds a staff using BIG assistants, Jalin Marshall is going to be fresh, Art Schlichter blames concussions and new PSU Trustee, Adam Taliaferro. (Chris)
  • Monday's Skull Session on the continuing Anzalone drama, Buzz Bissingeris still a dope, UM recruit Shane Morris's now famous photobomb, UK basketball and the White House, along with the introduction of Walt Keys, 11W Art Director. (Jason)
  • Tuesday's Skull  Session on Thor John Simon making the Lott IMPACT Award watch list, Fickell using last year to become a better coach and looking at NBA mick drafts. (Danny)
  • Wednesday's Skull Session on Tressel's first interview in an Akron sweatervest, more vitirol on banning college football, Will Muschamp on Urban and a Michigan Man stands up for Ohio State. (Chad)
  • Thursday's Skull Session on Florida fans staying classy, even in international waters, Chris Carter's bounties, Buck-ID > gold, Tressel on Urban, Oden on Oden and Mike Adams is now rich.  (David)
  • Friday's Skull Session on rooting for UM or 'Bama, Delaney's statement about a playoff, Sparty gets a much needed boost to their WR's and Devier Posey also speaks out. (Jeff)
A similar scene will transpire with a win over Michigan.16 Fridays until Gameday Eve.

This Week in Editorials

This Week in Recruiting

Best of the Rest

  • Buckeye baseball sweeps Northwestern to stay alive for B1G Tourney. (Kyle)
  • Middletown's Pigskin Roundball Spectacular, a front row look at one of Ohio's best fund raisers. (Johnny)
  • Stat Session: Importance of Elite Defense vs. Offense, I (Chad)
  • Charles Waugh arrested, the creeper behind the Anzalone saga violates his parole.
  • The Graduate, a profile on Ohio State's first Heisman winner, Les Horvath. (Joe)
  • OSU and Cover 4, your summer learning series continues, this time with a focus on the defense. (Ross)
  • Buckshot: Jordan Sibert decides on Dayton.
  • Buckshot: Worst Damn Fans in the Land.
  • Buckshot: Terrelle Pryor looking for a fresh start.

The people's champ for the week of May 5-11, 2012: Tressel's Legacy, by PCON258, sparks the debate that will go on for years.




tennbuckeye19's picture

That SI pic of Krenzel with the sea of OSU fans after beating Michigan is one of my favorite Ohio State photos ever.

Hopalong's picture

That is also one of my favorite pictures as well. I think that one may be off of the Dispatch website which actually sells a small copy of it. However, there is a very similar, but in my opinion far superior, picture taken by an SI photographer. I went so far as to track the photographer down, compliment him on his work, and ask him if I could buy a copy from him. He told me he wasn't able to sell it to me due to SI's rules. I couldn't have been more disappointed.

tennbuckeye19's picture

Yeah, I think you are correct. Here's the pic from SI with some thoughts from the photographer:

flipbuckeye's picture

Counting down by Fridays makes it seem a lot sooner than it actually is. Get out of here with your wizardry.

buckeyes411's picture

Lovin' the skull sessions and the 100's of comments they've generated the last few days. It has given me a time waster (sorting through the threads). Thanks Jeff and Dave for the last two!