Preview: #7 Gonzaga vs #2 Ohio State

By Joe Beale on March 17, 2012 at 5:15a
"Why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave."Justice will be served today.
Ohio State Buckeyes #2 Ohio State 28-7, 13-5 Big Ten Roster | Schedule 2:45 PM ET - CBS —— CONSOL Energy Center Pittsburgh, PA Gonzaga Bulldogs #7 Gonzaga 26-6, 13-3 WCC Roster | Schedule

The preliminaries are over and now we get down to brass tacks. Today Ohio State will play a red-hot Gonzaga team with a berth in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen on the line. Don't let the seed fool you; this is a solid team with size and quickness and the Buckeyes will have their hands full this afternoon as they try to advance.

After breaking out of their weekend slump two weeks ago, it seems OSU knows how to win on Saturdays again. The Western Showdown motif came to my mind again today, what with their opponent coming in from way out West in Spokane WA. Besides, it worked well at MSU, and so I thought I would go to that well again and hope I can bring up something more than just rocks in the bucket.

In taking on their own personal struggles, as well as the opposition, this situation reminds me of the classic 90's film Tombstone, in which Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and others have to take down a ruthless gang that is terrorizing the town. On Thursday, Deshaun Thomas put on his game face and terrorized Loyola to the tune of 31 points and 12 rebounds. Today we will find out if Thomas or any of the other Buckeyes will be prepared to step up and say "I'm your huckleberry" when the game is on the line.

4 A. Craft SO 6-2/190 8.6 3.3 4.5 G 4 K. Pangos FR 6-1/180 13.8 2.8 3.4
32 L. Smith Jr. SO 6-4/205 6.1 4.6 2.1 G 5 G. Bell Jr. FR 6-1/205 10.0 2.4 1.9
44 W. Buford SR 6-6/220 14.8 4.8 2.8 F 10 G. Landry Edi JR 6-6/218 5.6 2.4 0.9
1 D. Thomas SO 6-7/225 15.8 5.2 0.9 F 20 E. Harris JR 6-7/240 13.1 8.7 1.3
0 J. Sullinger SO 6-9/265 17.4 9.3 1.2 C 0 R. Sacre SR 7-0/260 11.7 6.3 0.7



Gonzaga is a small Jesuit university on the Eastern edge of Washington state. Their enrollment is only around 4800, but their basketball exploits loom much larger, especially when March rolls around. In 1999, the Zags (it seems no one calls them the Bulldogs) were a 10 seed but put together 3 improbable wins (including a dramatic victory over 6 seed Florida) to advance to the Elite Eight. Since then, Gonzaga has been a regular in the tournament and they frequently pull the upset, although they have never made a Final Four.

Mark Few took over the program in the 1999/2000 season and during his tenure his teams have dominated the West Coast Conference, winning 11 consecutive regular season titles. They have also won 9 of 11 WCC tournament titles. Few's overall record at Gonzaga is a sparkling 342-89, with a 162-22 record in conference play. Few also set an all-time record (since broken) for NCAA Division I men's coaches by collecting 81 wins in his first three years as a head coach.

Gonzaga began the season with 5 straight wins, including a 73-53 blowout of Notre Dame, but then ran into trouble as they lost consecutive games to Big Ten foes Illinois (on the road) and Michigan State (home). After that, they proceeded to win 20 of their next 23 games before losing to St. Mary's in the WCC tournament championship game. The Zags still made the NCAA tournament despite the loss, and they validated their presence with an emphatic 77-54 smackdown of Bob Huggins and West Virginia.

In that game, the Zags shot 56% from the field and 53% from distance with four starters scoring in double-figures. The team is led by freshman point guard Kevin Pangos, the latest in a long line of Gonzaga playmakers that goes all the way back to John Stockton. Pangos leads a balanced scoring attack with a 13.8 average, shooting 40.7% from distance in the process. Still, he is human, and it showed when he went 3/18 from the field and 1/10 from beyond the arc in the WCC tourney loss to St. Mary's. If Aaron Craft can stay with Pangos and get inside his head a bit, he may rattle the freshman into another bad showing.

Gonzaga is a very big team up front, led by 7-foot center Robert Sacre. The senior from Vancouver BC is the team's 3rd leading scorer and 2nd leading rebounder. He shoots 51% from the field and is also an excellent free throw shooter for a big man, hitting 76% from the stripe. He is joined by junior F Elias Harris, an import from Germany whose parents both played basketball in the homeland. Harris also shoots over 50% overall and 42% from 3-point land. 

The Zags tend to play a lot of players in an effort to keep everyone fresh (what a concept). They have 9 players that average double-figures in minutes played per game, with two more averaging 6 minutes or more. One of the key reserves is David Stockton, the son of the aforementioned Gonzaga alumnist John Stockton, who is 2nd on the team in assists despite playing only around 17 minutes per game. This is a deep team with a significant International flavor (two Frenchmen, two Germans, two Canadians) and they play solid fundamental basketball. OSU will have to earn a victory today if they are to achieve one.

Buckeye Breakdown:

OSU coach Thad Matta has directed his teams to 10 NCAA appearances in his 12 years as a head coach, including 6 in 8 years at Ohio State. His record in those games is 18-9 overall, and 11-5 with the Buckeyes. Many fans have criticized him because his teams tend to take an early exit, especially the last few years. My feeling is that his teams tend to look tired at the end of the season, which is the result of not using the bench during the regular season. The net effect of this fatigue is that when the game is on the line guys cannot hit shots. Tired legs lead to errant shots, I've always found. 

"You tell 'em I'm coming, and hell's coming with me. You hear, hell's coming with me!!!""You called down the thunder and you got it."

Nevertheless, there's no arguing with success, and this team is no exception. Whatever else you say about this team, you cannot say they have not won games. Ohio State lost three starters from last year's team, including the Big Ten's all-time leading 3-point shooter, and still they won 27 games and garnered a #2 seed in the NCAA tourney. Tired or not, this team is still dangerous and many pundits expect a Final Four run and possibly a championship.

In the B1G final against Michigan State, the Buckeyes played a solid game for about 28 minutes, and they appeared to have the game under control. But then the team hit a wall, and all of a sudden no one could make a shot. Guys stopped moving the ball around and started going one-on-five, leading to contested shots and no offensive rebounding. The commentators made a point to mention that three of OSU's starters had played all 20 minutes in the first half, and it certainly looked like fatigue had taken its toll late in the game.

OSU rebounded with a solid, if not often pretty, performance in a 19-point win over Loyola. But the rustiness of the bench showed when they allowed the Greyhounds to trim the lead late in the game, thus forcing Matta to put his starters back in to seal the deal. A rested William Buford calmly drained a pair of triples to put the game away for good. Perhaps a lesson was learned, no?

I fully expect someone other than Deshaun Thomas to contribute today, and possibly more. I think the Buckeyes will be focused and well prepared for the game. Will they be able to stand up and make shots late in the game when it matters most? Will the coach use his bench strategically in the first half to make sure his starters are not gasping for air at the 12 minute mark of the 2nd half? We will see.


  • OSU has advanced to the Sweet Sixteen the past two seasons, losing to Tennessee and Kentucky in the regional semi-finals. Overall, the Buckeyes have a 42-22 record in their 24 NCAA tournament appearances, including 9 Final Four appearances but only one title (1960).
  • Kevin Harlan will do the play-by-play for CBS today, with Len Elmore and Reggie Miller providing commentary. 

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Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Sully Hulks out today? Hoping so.

Poison nuts's picture

I just shook my magic 8 ball about this and..."Outlook Good".

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

kevinfrenchfry's picture

im glad cincinnati is an ohio team, now i have a good reason to root for them over fsu other than the fact im scared for osu to play them, i know that game is tomorrow but im pretty psyched for it i think it will be the most important sweet sixteen game, especially now since one can almost assume cuse will ousted wthout fab melo

baddogmaine's picture

Andy Glockner (SI) wonders if OSU doesn't care enough. If caring is measured by not being attracted to wins I think not, I think this team would like to win. But I think this team does not care enough about doing what is needed to win tough games. specifically, it does not care enough about valuing possessions. The carless turnovers, the forced and quick shots that should not have been taken all speak to a team that has not committed to playing team basketball. I'm not sure this is the players fault, to carry on the Wild West imagery I think the coach has permitted, if not actually encouraged a kind of frontiersmen recklesness. The talk focuses on OSU having the pieces to win a championship and while I'm not sure that is true I'm quite sure the team does not have the discipline, however good the pieces might be.

Today is going to be far from easy, as Gonzaga is the kind of team that has handled us in the past twelve months. Sullinger does not like being muscled and responds by trying to prove he is muy macho, leading to him leading the team in having shots blocked when he could be leading the team in assists. Last year he was totally neutralized by Harrelsson, this  year he is up against a similar player in Sacre who has had a better year than Harrelsson had. Pangis is a very capable guard who, after a year under Few, rarely plays like a freshman. And if the Zags commit 24 fouls as Loyola did they have the bench to absorb them.

To win the Buckeyes are going to have to sacrifice the selfishness that has plagued them in favor of team basketball. At this point the only player who should have an offensive green light is Thomas, because he has been the best at hitting what he shoots at. The team should continue to feed Sullinger, but the big man may need to be a decoy, atttracting defenders (asssuming that Few chooses to provide help, which he might not need to do with Sacre inside) and then kicking it out. And Will can not be Will. Can. Not.

I really think that this is a game where the pace needs to be slowed, as Gonzaga can and will run wth OSU and might be more troubled by having to grind - that is where Pangos' inexperience might show (timeout called with none left?). But Matta does not slow pace. He likes the freedom of the open trail. This will be a shootout. Unless the Buckeyes do a better job of hitting what they shoot at - meaning both the space inside the rim and teammates' hands with passes, we are going to be the latest high seed to exit early. And while I was as glad as anyone to see scUM go home (your school lost to Ohio, Brady - who's sneering now?) lasting one round more than them is not the kinf of rubbing their face in it I had in mind.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I'll politely disagree -- I think the Bucks have more talent and better athletes and they play sooooo much better when they push the pace. Their halfcourt offense doesn't seem to do all that well to me, unless Sully is playing his best and Buford is on fire. IMO they need to run, feed Tank, and play insane defense.

VestedInterest's picture

Wouldn't be game day without a tl;dr, glass half empty post from baddog...

osukdawg76's picture

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



deadbuckeyeinthelake's picture

go out on a limb  Ohio State will win  82-65

"Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!"

J.Mo's picture

Screw wearing green on St. Patty's day... I'm wearing scarlet and gray today.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Rockin' my Brutus O'Buckeye tee....

Seabass1974's picture

Just got off work. I talked a lot of trash about Michigan losing to Ohio to a co-worker. The Buckeyes better not fail me today. Go Bucks!

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. - Woody Hayes

FLBuckeye's picture

If Craft can limit Pangos like he did to Burke last Saturday, I really like our chances. Something tells me Lenzelle will have a really good game, as it looks like he's the only one that has an obvious size mismatch in our favor. I really think we'll be hitting on all cylinders, just like last year in the round of 32. Watch out Zags! Bucks win by 9, only because the Zags hit a couple 3s late to make it look closer than it was.

Geraffi's picture

Going to the game today in the steel city. Sporting my 11W skull session T. Sweet! Go Bucks!

Jason Priestas's picture

Awesome. Have fun (and thanks for buying one of our shirts!).

Rooster Buckburn's picture

With all due respect sirs, I think this is going to be our finest hour.

buckeye76BHop's picture

I just hope Buff shows up...if he doesn't and they double down on Sully and could be a difficult game.  Ball handling and limiting turn overs will be key as well.  Go BUCKS!  

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 


We need Deshaun to show up today, not eshaun, because that Harris kid can score. The Zags point guards haven't seen anyone like Craft though, so that will help on D. We need good Sully show up and Willie Bu to hit a few shots, and we should be fine.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

Don't sell the Zags short. They are a good team. No reason to get cocky today.

RedStorm45's picture

Some interesting comments from Lenzelle Smith in the Dispatch today - said he basically knew some guys weren't going to come out focused by their work in the pregame warmup.  Not sure exactly what he meant because all he said was some guys came out really loose and didn't take the game seriously.

Funny how everyone was scared of WVU because of their size and no one cared about Gonzaga.  Now everybody thinks the Zags could be a big problem for the Bucks.

OurHonorDefend09's picture

I said as soon as the brackets came out that OSU got a tough draw. I don't feel good about this game at all. The Bucks are going to have to play a great game to win this one. If they limit the turnovers and get some ball movement like they had when they started to pile it on vs Michigan in the B1G tournament, however, we could see a nice 20 pt W. it just all depends on what OSU team shows up. If we come out slow and then the complaining + turnovers begin, look for a tight one.

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

osubuckeye4life's picture

It's definitely going to take a team effort to send the Zags home.