It's Kansas

By Jason Priestas on March 25, 2012 at 7:11p

The Kansas Jayhawks will be Ohio State's Final Four opponent Saturday night in New Orleans (8:49PM ET, CBS).

Bill Self's squad went on a 12-0 run in the game's final 3:55 to put away North Carolina 80-67 and advance to the school's 14th Final Four appearance. Guard Tyshawn Taylor led Kansas with 22 points, with big Thomas Robinson chiping in for 18 points and nine rebounds.

The game will be a rematch of a contest won by the Jayhawks 78-67 in Lawrence in early December. Playing without Jared Sullinger in that game, Ohio State was led by William Buford's 21 and Deshaun Thomas' 19 points and five boards.



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frozen buckeye's picture

r e m a t c h


with buckeyes at full power.


I love it.

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Bring on the rematch! I like how we're playing, and on a neutral floor, with Sully, it should be a great game. Go Bucks!!!

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Buckeyes favored by 3 out of the gate

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Well, I know what I'll be watching at 8:49 next Saturday!!

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Such a better matchup for us than what UNC would have been IMO.  Craft can help contain Taylor and Sully won't be bothered by as much length.  Robinson will give DeShaun fits but we'll see what happens.

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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Probably going to throw Releford at DT...DT field day.

Chet Stedman's picture

Not at Allen Fieldhouse and Sullinger back...feel pretty good about this one.

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Agreed. Kansas is a preferable opponent compared to UNC with Marshall playing.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

An injured Marshall vs Craft? I pray you're joking.

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Tyshawn Taylor>Kendall Marshall

William's picture

Wrong. Kendall Marshall is the BEST facilitator in college basketball. Also besides his performance against UNC, Tyshawn Taylor has been horridly inconsistent this tournament. Neither of these teams played defense in that UNC-KU game, with the exception of a 2-3 minute stretch for KU, which allowed them to pull ahead. Craft has absolutely frustrated the PGs he has played so far and will do the same to Tyshawn Taylor who averages nearly 4 turnovers a game. Craft shut down Scoop Jardine for most of that game, and Jardine is one of the best PGs at creating plays off of the dribble drive. Also look what he did to Gonzaga's stellar guards. The guy is a beast and will shut down Tyshawn Taylor, and would've shut down a limited Kendall Marshall.

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It wouldn't be the 2012 NCAA tournament for Buckeye fans without getting the late game for you east coasters! Out here in the west, on the other hand, I'll have time to go out and celebrate after the Buckeyes advance to the national championship game!

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I'm actually quite happy that we have the late game.  I work 8-7 on Saturdays so I will be home with plenty of time to watch the game.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



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Psh, that late tip ain't gonna stop me!  PARTY IN THE 614 TILL 6:14 if we win!  ;)

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Buckeyes will be the 'road' team and wear Scarlet unis. 

JakeBuckeye's picture

Really? Lame. Thought if Kansas won we'd get to sport the white uniforms.

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doesnt it go by alphabetical if they are the same seed? if so it makes sense

Chris Lauderback's picture

I honestly dont know the particulars of how that gets decided. Just saw it on twitter. 

Michael's picture

Kansas was ranked higher in the final rankings going into Selection Sunday too.

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The game will be about emotion. Who do you think wants this one?

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

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I am a huge Kansas fan (usually it is Buckeye football and Jayhawk basketball) since my whole family went there and most still live there.  My grandpa used to drive 2 hours each way to all home games until he turned 80.  

The one thing I will say about this game is that even though Sully wasn't playing and it was at The Phog, KU is a totally different team right now than they were then.  They were essentially playing without Withey at that point because he didn't come alive until after the first Misery game. 

I am excited for the Craft v. Taylor matchup.  Tyshawn is the fastest man in college basketball but is prone to turning it over.  Sully v. Withey will be good too.  Sully uses his body well, but Withey uses his swat hand well.  

 It should be a good one.  And I rarely get to watch two teams play that I know so well, so I'll actually feel more informed than any of the announcers who get to spend all week prepping.  

RC's picture

I'm also a huge Kansas fan and this was a dream matchup for me because I can't lose.  It will be nice to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy this game.  I will feel bad for whichever team doesn't move on but I will be excited for the one that does.  Either way, I will have a team in the final...hopefully vs Kentucky because I want to beat them so there are no excuses.  I have watched almost every game by each team this year and I honestly don't know who will win this game.  If you had asked me two weeks ago I would have said OSU had no chance the way they were playing but obviously they seem to have rectified that.  OSU has played better in this tournament for sure but Kansas has made it through without playing well until today.  I think OSU has more weapons but I think Kansas is mentally tougher.  If both are at their best then I'd give OSU the edge but if neither is playing that well I think Kansas has the better ability to grind out an ugly win.  Either way, it should be a great game and fun to watch.  GO BUCKS and ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

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After this game, Rdubs and RC can create a support group with cplunk and bucksfan to learn how to cope with your one favorite team beating your other favorite team. Just kidding. I like our chances but don't feel great about this one. If KU plays like they did today, it will get ugly. I don't think we'll be able to run like they did today.

I've posted this several times already, but I love the bucks in revenge games. I don't know if it's motivation or learning from the previous game's mistakes, but they've played inspired bball in rematches. I hope the trend continues.

It's been a while since we've seen a gray box. I had an adverse reaction to seeing it before I realized what it was about. I'm like Pavlov's dog when I see one of those things.

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I am in a similar boat.  I am married to a Jayhawk.  As a matter of fact we had lunch at Free State Brewery in Lawrence today. 

My poor kids won't know what to do.  They love to cheer for the Buckeyes with Daddy and they love to cheer for the Jayhawks with Mommy. 

I agree about KU being a completely different team than they were in December.  Taylor was "bad Tyshawn" for the first 2 months of the season, and he has been unbelievable since then.  Even though he hasn't made a single 3 pointer during the NCAA tourney that isn't his game.  That being said OSU is different as well.  Sullinger is back to beast mode and Thomas and Smith are playing at very high levels.

Withey and Robinson are strong enough to contain Sully and Thomas, but it will be all about fouls and match ups.  Kevin Young is a scrapper for KU, but he can't hold Sully or Thomas. 

I look forward to a good game and regardless we will have a team to pull for on National Championship Monday in my house.

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Ok RC, just one time can you enlighten me as to what the Rock Chalk part of that means, please. It is always lost in the shuffle.

RC's picture,_Jayhawk

It was originally "Rah, rah Jayhawk" but later changed to "Rock Chalk Jayhawk".  Rock chalk is a transposition of chalk rock which is the name for limestone that exists on Mt. Oread in Lawrence.

FortMeyer's picture

Thanks for the info. Cannot ever remember that for some reason.

coloradobuckeye's picture

They have mountains in Kansas? Hmmmm...

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Maestro's picture

It's more like a fairly big hill, but it sure stands out against the surrounding land, especially when you are driving to Lawrence directly from the east.

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LadyBuck's picture

Wasn't this the only regular season game that Craft fouled out on with about 5 minutes left? 

Either way, match-ups or not, I think this is a revenge game and the real Robinson v. Sullinger game. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top. The Taylor-Craft battle will also be interesting, but I have faith in Craft's disruptive on-ball defense and hustle. I think this really comes down to who's team's supporting/role/other players come out. If Lenzelle and DT come with the same intensity we've seen, and Buford at least pretends to wake up, we have one hell of a chance of beating the Jayhawks. Plus, I have faith in Matta's coaching ability against Self. 

rdubs's picture

I guarantee Withey will be matched up with Sullinger a lot more than TRob.  But Self plays them one at a time a fair amount so there will be some chances to see them go head to head.

kr66osu's picture

I really like our chances in this one. Kansas shot 60% in the first meeting compared to OSU's 38% and we were still in it the entire time even without Sullinger

NW Buckeye's picture

And the Presidential curse lives on.  He picked NC to win it all, right?  Kiss of death..... 

RedStorm45's picture

Yeah...I'll take this KU team that struggled to beat Purdue and NC State (hell, even struggled a bit with Detroit early).  As long as we have a more balanced attack this team around - meaning Buford doesn't take 23 shots - we should have a good chance.

LadyBuck's picture

I would have loved to see Purdue rain on UNC. That would have been interesting. Lewis Jackson is a quick little man, too. Too bad Hummel's game winner didn't go in. Awesome player, and I'm sad to see him go. 

doctor_brutus's picture

Purdue-Ohio would've been even better from beyond the arc.  Oh, Offutt and your missed free throw...

rdubs's picture

Being a KU fan is always stressful.  They'll go up 15 and then lose.  They'll play crappy teams close.  But don't worry they'll show up against OSU, it should be a great one.  I just hope whoever wins doesn't get blown out by Kentucky because I hate them about as much as I hate ttun's football team and definitely more than their basketball team.

osubuckeye4life's picture

I would say OSU wants this one EXTREMELY BAD! Especially Sully!!! Not to mention the rest of the team that fought hard at Allen Fieldhouse but came up short.

OSU had been deadly in "revenge" games, they will be ready for Saturday night. 

That said KU will definitely be just as ready and played a very good game today against UNC. 

This one is going to be another close one. 

I just hope we don't get the same refs as the Cuse game. 



BigBuck623's picture

Hopefully Buford will watch enough video of himself from the last time OSU played Kansas to remember how to shoot.  If he gets 21 again, Buckeyes win easily.

dbit's picture

Ehhh maybe not.  He was 8-23 in that game.  Not sure at that percentage I want him taking that many shots.  

FLBuckeye's picture

The entire game is on youtube?! I didn't realize that was allowed lol

Nick's picture

Yeah a lot of games are while its technically not allowed espin hasn't really gone after anyone for it that i've seen

RedStorm45's picture

8-23 is a better percentage than what he's shooting in the postseason. Sad.

Bucks43201's picture

I want Sully pissed off. There needs to be no complacency by anybody on the team or coaching staff. Making the Final 4 is a great feat, but there are still 2 more games left to win.

I hope somebody from KU or the media says something to get him extra motivated. He is at his best when he plays pissed.

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JakeBuckeye's picture

Yes and no. Pissed off Sully is good if he has self-control over it that night. If not then we get "put my head down and chuck up shots" Sully.

Nick's picture

One thing I took away from the Kansas game in December is William Buford is at his best mid range and in the post. During this prolonged "slump" he has been playing on the wing mostly and he should play the mid range game or on the post where he destroyed Kansas earlier.  I like our chances vs Kansas.

RedStorm45's picture

How long does the slump go until you say he's just a 35% (or worse) shooter? Dude can't even hit layups right now.