B1G Tourney Live Blog: Michigan

By 11W Staff on March 10, 2012 at 3:40p

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Extremely solid showing all around. Great job guys! 

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Will somebody at 11W PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pull some strings & get a reporter (either from 11W or anotehr Columbus-based reporter) to ask Jim Beilein the following question:

"Coach Beilein - considering you lost by 26 points today to Ohio State, how do you think you would've fared vs. Ohio?  Is it fair to say you would've rather played Ohio?

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Hell of a game Bucks, hell of a game.  These guys are focussed, playing together better, and really beginning to peak at the right time.  Makes me pretty excited for the NCAA tournament.

This is exactly how any meeting with Michigan should go.  I called this a mile away - I knew we'd blow them out.  We are so much more talented than they are, it really isn't even close.  Michigan is so unbelievably overrated, and it makes me ill to listen to how highly regarded they are.  They couldn't score on us in any of our meetings this year - 49, 56, 55.  We finally played very well offensively against them, and you can see the result.  It's unreal that they actually won a share of the regular season conference title...to me, they're nothing but paper champions.  Top 10 team?  To whoever voted them that high, GTFO.  They're not even top 20 in my book. 

The real class of the Big Ten, OSU and MSU, meet tomorrow for the title.  Should be a great game. 

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