"It's going to be miserable around here."

By Jason Priestas on January 17, 2012 at 10:30p

Urban Meyer one-on-one with the BTN's Gerry Dinardo.

On the offseason program in Columbus: 

"In February, it's going to be miserable around here. I'm going to have chains on that weight room."

On Fickell and the staff in Columbus:

"There is a part of me that didn't want to keep him... that wanted to take a firehose and clean everything out. But then the more research I did at Ohio State -- this place is not broken. He's a good coach -- I don't want to throw the 'great' on there yet -- I'll let you know down the road. He has the potential to be a great coach and his background is tremendous."



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I was so excited when I heard Urban say this. What Urban really meant was no more slow out of shape big 10 standards at tOSU. Goodbye fat corn fed Hogg mollies...say hello to lean mean and fast big men. I'd say the phrase go hard will be an understatement come Feb. Spring game can't get here soon enough!

2012 Beat Michigan Tail gate:  UFM:  "Let’s beat the sh*t out of Michigan, have a good night."

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Not sure I like the comments about Fickell. To be fair, I haven't listened to the interview, so there's a very good chance the quote looks bad when taken out of context, but isn't this the same guy who said he kept Fickell because he was "one of the best" there was? Or something to that effect? 

Here's to hoping all he meant was "I'll let you know after I coach with him for a season, but I can already that he has the talent."

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Not at all. He came out at the forefront and said that he was torn as to whether he was going to keep him. He said he had long discussions with many people including a sit-down dinner with Fickell and his wife. I have to admit, I got goosebumps when watching this video, however I did cringe a bit when that came out of his mouth. 


I think some people will construe this the wrong way. What he meant was he understands the position he was put in, and understand that he did a phenominal job given that position. More or less, I don't think he knew much about Fickell other than his head coaching record upon obtaining the job. He was being brutally honest in the interview.

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In context, it's really not bad at all, and I'm not a Meyer apologist.

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Definitely listen to the interview, he wasn't knocking Fickell at all, and personally I appreciate his honesty.  He's not affraid to actually answer a question when it's posed to him.  I'm very excited for the future of this program.  In a couple of years, this team is going to be unreal.  Listenning to him talk, gets me jacked about the future.  

At the time, I knew the hire was great, but the more this guy talks, the more the recruits keep coming in, and the more the staff comes together, I think this hire was a Grand Freakin Slam.  

I love when he was showing his office and said this side is for recruiting, he had pictures with him Obama, Bush, and Clinton.  There were jerseys of his former great players, then he points to the picture of Woody and says of course there's the man himself.  Good stuff. 

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I agree with everything said here. Expectations for him are at an all-time high, and I'm not sure if he will ever live up to those expectations. I certainly hope he does, but he is THE ONLY guy for the job. His efforts on the recruiting front and his work in the offseason should be special. It will definitely be interesting to see how it all plays out. For those of you who are past the Tressel phase, you have to admit that his record and Big Ten championships (and the fact he was able to get to the title game an ASTONISHING 30% of the time) will be hard to duplicate. If there is one man capable of it, it is Urban Freakin Meyer. I know his middle name is Frank -- my version sounds a helluva lot cooler.

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Your version is cool, but it reminds me of the West F'n Virginia tee-shirts.

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I saw a shirt at a thrift store once that said "San Francisco Forty EFFEN Niners". As a Bengals fan I would have bought it but it was a size medium and, well, I'm not a medium.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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 He's not affraid to actually answer a question when it's posed to him.


...and so forth.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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I like his confidence. The man's got swag.

Go Bucks! Roll-Tide!

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My favorite part was when Dinardo misrepresented Meyer's spread and Urban quickly corrected him.

Because we couldn't go for three.

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That was great!  Well, the offense you described will not be our offense. 

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Can't wait to see/hear part 2!

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Unintentional (?) comedy: when Urban was talking about Luke the editing flashed to footage of Fick chewing out Clarke.

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The best part of that interview, besides the fact that he and Mickey are going to be kicking the ever living shit out of the team in the weight room, was when he was asked how his relationship with Hoke was... not as good as it was 2 months ago!!!!  BRIALLIANT!!!!  I can't wait until Urban stuffs that 'Ohio' shit down Founder's fat throat!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

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I love that the BTN is trying to push Hoke vs Urban as the next Bo and Woody.  C'mon folks one is a legend already, and the other well has had 1 great season and calls Ohio State "Ohio". Now if the coach at AACC were named Jim Harbaugh, then we'd have Bo v Woody 2.0.  

Since I mentioned Harbaugh, I'm so glad the dude went to San Francisco and not Ann Arbor. 

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Correct!  Flounder is an average coach that has no respect what-so-ever for Ohio State, as illustrated by his constant Ohio cracks!  Urban has already out recruited him by miles and I see no reason why Urban will not crush him on the field, starting this coming season!

I hate to admit it but Jimmy Harbaugh is proving to be quite the coach and I am glad the Ann Arbor Community College pissed him off to the point he snubbed them.

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

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That whole "Ohio" bit is funny. I happen to be married to a UM grad. Since I met her, every year she's talked about how she can't wait for the "Ohio/Michigan" game...Her whole family is from TSUN & they all say the same thing..."we're gonna beat Ohio this year". I gave up correcting them years ago. What's really funny is Hoke is from Ohio (as are most Michigan Men) so he knows exactly what he's doing. So really - he's just trying to fit in with a strange bunch of southern Canadiens. Really looking forward to The Game this year...

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Every time they refer to Ohio State as Ohio - you should follow up with calling them fans of Ann Arbor Community College!  That should stop it a bit quicker.

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

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I follow up by asking why they claim to have beaten Ohio when in fact they did not even play Ohio since that school is in Athens and in the MAC

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Which means they could have lost to them!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

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I love that idea but TSUN's fans aren't as smart as they used to be. I don't think they will understand it. I can't believe that a man born in Ohio started that crap. Doesn't he know how stupid he sounds?

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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Soooo happy Harbaugh went to SF.

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How many national championships did Bo win? NONE! He was never Woody's equal, only a protege that stabbed Woody in the back.

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Michigan's coaches are not even Michigan's coaches: Bo was from Barberton, Ohio ( he then finished his college career at Miami University before moving to THE Ohio State University as a grad assistant on the field... Lloyd Carr was from Hawkins County, Tennessee, then played at Missouri and Northern Michigan before stumbling to Michigan...Gary Moeller was from Lima, Ohio and of course played at THE Ohio State University, and the great Fielding H Yost rounds out these greats, hailing from Fairview, West Virginia and played his college ball at West Virginia as well. Maybe those are their best coaches and maybe they aren't....but no REAL ties to Michigan at all. Maybe that is part of the reason for their success and maybe it is also the reason why Ohio State has a better record against Michigan since Ohio State started fielding a real team. When your best coach is from over 100 years ago, you have to wonder a bit, right? Maybe you have a winner in Hoke as he is from Dayton, Ohio... oops I'm an idiot and that's where I am from. I just know that turning maize and blue is for backstabbers when you are from OHIO!  Go Buckeyes!


It's not sour grapes, Michigan fans... check it out... you guys are supposed to be the smart ones... look it up.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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Awesome interview with Urban. I like how brutally honest the guy is. I met Ed Warinner tonight and the guy is very nice and a class act. I couldn't help but think how great it is to meet our new O-line coach and co-offensive coordinator. Which he specifically pointed out to me, that is definitely his title. Not sure how the co-offensive part works out cuz I didn't get the chance to ask him.

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Probably Co-OC because he'll likely help with gameplanning particularly related to the running game.  Or at least that's my guess.

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I suspect that Withers as Co-DC and Warinner as Co-OC had as much to do with salary justification as coaching responsibilities.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But we still have a coaching vacancy, right? The limit is ten including the HC, right?

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I think that is right - we need a DB coach with Johnson gone to Arkansas.

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Anyone remember Herman Moore? Arguably one of the best WR's in the NFL in the early to mid 90's but was really over shadowed in Detroit by his teams futility and by other greats in the era in whch he played (Rice\Brown). He had a commercial or ad campaign for Nike or Reebok, I forget. But the point made in it was "I tortue myself in the offseason so I can torture you during the season". Kind of what Meye is doing here I think....

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When does this air on BTN?????? Love the Urban Renewal!

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I think it was on last night.  At least I had my DVR set for it.

CJDPHoS Member

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For those of you who didn't see it last evening, BTN has two videos (partial) posted on their site.


Long live the southend.

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I think Urbz is the REAL "Honey Badger".  He don't care.  The guy gives off an attitutde like he doesn't care what anyone thinks.  If you don't like it...so what?  There is no cuddly with him.  I'll admit I'm a little tired of him talking about what he did at Florida, but that will stop once he has some games under his belt here.  I like his drive and his focus.

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The Official DDS of 11W

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I like the line about respecting him because he's "doing things right... I don't like going up against guys that aren't doing things right.".... is that another subtle shot at how coaches do things down south? It seems like Meyer has made many subtle references to possible rampant cheating in the SEC. From "not liking the state of college football" to "getting upset about what was going on" around him (and needing to keep his focus between the sidelines going forward) and now this "not liking to compete against guys who aren't doing things right". Very interesting.

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Glad to finally watch it.  I love his intensity and focus.

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