One on One with Urban Meyer

By 11W Staff on December 6, 2011 at 12:00p

Meyer talks to the Big Ten Network.

On keeping Fickell around: "The best reason is I think he's one of the best coaches in college football."

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I almost feel shamed of how much I am in love with Urban Meyer, head coach of The Ohio State University.

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Completely agree.

I am not one to normally make a complete 180 turnaround on how I feel toward a person or issue.  After the 2007 BCS MNC, I feel like I despised the "idea" of Urban Meyer - the cocky attitude, the fist pumping, the brash personality... 

However, after reading so much about him and seeing him more than ever over the last few weeks, I feel like he fits here at tOSU better than almost anyone else could.  He's primed and ready for success, and I hope the rest of Buckeye Nation is as well!

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It's almost like a dream to me.  I can not believe tOSU went out and got, not only a big name coach, but THE big name coach we were clamoring for.  Truly unreal.  Bring on 2012!

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It still feels weird seeing him as coach.  It won't feel real until I see him on the sideline on next season.

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BTW, did anyone else start to completely freak out during the live telecast of the press conference on BTN?  When the camera person fainted and started pointing the camera to the ceiling, with several people in the room saying "EMT, we need an EMT!" I completely expected to hear that Urban was the one who collapsed.

I guess it's just the debbie-downer in me.. thinking this was too good to be true!

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That was my first thought as well! Glad I'm not the only one that lost three years of my life in that moment!

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4 comments in so far and not a mention of the tie. I am shocked!!! Although I love Urban, I liked Troy Smiths Heisman ceremony tie muuuuch better. Any idea on where to get it??

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I love that tie, thought about getting it for my b/f for Christmas.  $65 feels kinda steep for a tie though, is that average price range?  I don't buy many ties....

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Its pretty normal for a Vineyard Vines tie.

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It's a little pricey, but I believe it's a Vineyard Vines tie. It's not going to fall apart or fray, so even though it is a little more expensive you can be sure that it will last him a long time.

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$65 is a good price for a well-made tie, and it seems as though people vouch for Vineyard Vines. For $20 more you can get an OSU-stripe regimental made to specification from Sam Hober and that'll be very well-made and will last 20 years.


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$65 is a good price for a well-made tie


Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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It's a little high but not outrageous.

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If it's going to become my standard Christmas tie for the rest of my life, then it's worth it.

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Thanks for the input.  I know he wants a watch too so I'll have to see how much that runs before I decide.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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I was a little slow on this one today. Sorry. I still love the tie!  You're right, though, Troy Smith's tie was pretty sweet. 

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If you could photoshop Braxton's face on that picture.....That'd be great. 

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I give it two years. Learn meyers offense next season, then show the rest of the country who's boss in 2013. 


Braxton for Heisman!!

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It's a bit odd to hear him repeatedly mention "the state of college football" when he retired from UF and his problems with what he was hearing without any specifics or details or any mention of what has changed since he retired that set him at ease with going back into coaching. Sure, we could speculate that this had to do with oversigning in the SEC or other problems, but I'd rather have more than speculation. Anyone have a link to more information on his concrete thoughts on this topic? Either way, I'm happy with the hire and optimistic, but there's just something about his answer in that area that gives me some reason to pause.

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I don't need concrete details- it doesn't take a genius to figure out that cash rules everything in college football.  If I had to speculate, I'd guess the Cam Newton thing had a lot to do with Meyer feeling bad about "the state of college football"; Cam was at UF under Urban and then transferred away to Auburn. Anybody that thinks NOTHING happened with SCam Newton, well, you're allowed to think that..

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Actually, Newton left UF and had to play JUCO (where he won a title no less) and then went to Auburn. For Meyer, I am sure it was a combintation of things--the arrests, the + drug tests, the recruiting issues (oversigning, anyone??), the entitlement attitude.

We all know Newton knew what his father was doing.  But the BCS needed him eligble. Just like they needed th Tat-5 eligible. The NCAA did not want to have to 'USC' another program (give back the title and the Heisman), so there were no findings to their 'investigation.' When the police police the police, this is what happens.

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"The entitlement attitude".... < this x 10000000.

At Florida, it was possible for players to be bigger than the program (Tebow was/is bigger than Florida). At Ohio State, that's just not possible. While certain recruits may carry an entitled attitude around the OSU campus, none of them actually act like that when they're in WHAC. According to a couple friends of mine who were on the 2008 team, Terrelle Pryor walked in with a very cocky attitude and sense of entitlement (shocker, i know) but was VERY quickly humbled by Tress and the Team Captains.

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The media made Tebow bigger than the program.  It wouldn't had matter what college he went to, he would have been bigger than any program.

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Nicely said, but a lot of the arrest issues and failed drug tests were set on Meyers shoulders.  Not saying it was his fault, but like we know coaches take most of the blame.  I read somewhere that after the Alabama lost Meyer lost a lot of weight and had a hard time taking care of himself.  Who knows if that is true but maybe his handling of stress had something to do with it.  

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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@THIRDLEGLOUIE No offense, but it's as if you didn't read my comment. I understand you don't need concrete details, but that's what I was asking for and not speculation which is all that you then proceeded to provide. Even if everything you said is accurate, and I am not saying anything you said is inaccurate, you then ignored the other issue I raised, which is, what has changed since he retired with the state of college football that makes him feel comfortable returning now? Perhaps it's just that the one job that could have opened up to allow him to overlook the issues he felt or feels uncomfortable with in fact opened up, which is possible since he's said that he would not have returned for any other job than OSU's. But Meyer has said on multiple occasions that he left UF because of "the state of college football" (among other reasons including health and family concerns). Well, other than the shit hitting the fan in Columbus and more shitty shit hitting a bigger, disgusting fan at Penn State, what, if anything, has really changed with "the state of college football"? I love college football, but if anything, things have turned uglier at that level over the last 11 months, not improved.

Again, I'm happy he's been named the new coach and I think he's going to do wonderful things at Ohio State and I look forward to him sticking it up the Hokey Pokey's ass every year, but it's odd that I've heard and read him repeat this same concern multiple times and I still have no specific, concrete idea what he's referring to (speculation is not specific or concrete) and I've not heard a reporter even so much as follow up with a question about what has changed to make "the state of college football" more comfortable for him now than last year.

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Please notice how I continue to have the ability to reply to your posts while ignoring the issues you have raised. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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Everyone has their talents...

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If you listen to the whole interview, he said he realized he can't control those outside issues. He is not trying to worry about them or fix them like he tried in the past. He is going to focus on what he loves, his players and coaches. 

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I think you're getting too hung up on this issue Dwarf. I really believe he was just stressed the f*ck out, and needed a break from it. Then, Holy Toledo, his dream job opens up. You know damn well he was wanting that job the day after Tressel "resigned". I couldn't really care less what his feelings are on "the state of college football," as long as he wins football games at tOSU. I guess I'm selfish that way.



TheHostileDwarf's picture

I have little doubt that you're correct. Anyone can become burnt out from a stressful just seems odd that he mentioned this issue multiple times. I don't know. This video appears to have been shot the same day he was announced as the new coach, so two of the times he's mentioned it were in quick succession. Just strikes me as an odd statement/observation/feeling but I've already laid out why above.

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Last week or 2 weeks ago there was a link about Coach K's success and how Urban's situation kind of mirrored Coach K's career.  Coach K won 2 titles, lost balance in his life, had to leave the game for a year to get right and then he came back.  The State of the Game, could just be his words for saying I was tired of dealing with all the BS from recruits and other schools etc.  Joe Tiller left for similar reasons, only he wasn't having panic attacks or heart issues. 

It could be he hated everything that was going on, took on too much to try and solve all the problems and it screwed him up.  When he walked away from it he realized how much he missed it.  If he has acheived balance, and stays away from things that are out of his control, like trying to fix the problems with college football, and just concentrate on football.  He may string together quite a next decade.  We'll see how it all shakes out.

Sometimes you don't realize how much you love something until you are away from it for a while.  This is the biggest reason i'm pretty excited to get a recharged, refocused Urban Meyer as the coach of Ohio State.  He may come back even more hungry than he was before.

TheHostileDwarf's picture

And that's what I think is the probably the truth...he just missed it so much and his dream job opened up so he was willing to deal with the shadier side of the sport.

Buckeyeholicwompa's picture

One thing that does make me wonder (since I brought up the Troy Smith tie thing cuz of Urban's tie thing) is how would Urban had used Troy in his system compared to how Tress used Troy in his system? Do you think Troy would have put up bigger numbers in Urban's system?


onetwentyeight's picture

Well he got a Fullback moonlighting as a "QB" to put up BETTER passing numbers than Troy ... 

(quick non-comprehensive Heisman years comparison:


Troy: 2500yds passing, 30-6 Td/Int, 65% completion pct

Tebow: 3200yds, 32-6, 67%) 


So yes. 

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Good interview, good questions asked.

The Urban Legend! Welcome to The Ohio State University!

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

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Any Buckeye fan that doesn't like Urban or isn't happy about the hire, they need to listen to this interview !

College football means a lot to this man, it's not just about winning. After all of the off the field issues at Florida I think he's not gonna put up with any crap, I'm looking at you jamaal berry ! These boys are on a short leash, I like it !

Welcome home Urban, glad you're on our side this time !

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Its true that it isnt all about winning, but lets not forget that the man wins, ALOT!

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I think it will be interesting to see exactly how Coach Meyer operates in the bowl-practice period.  He cannot "coach," can he, unless and until OSU ridded itself of a current coach and brought the number(s) in line, right?  And there is no plan to do that, right? 

And the clear plan is that he is simply going to watch, while Luke Fickell continues his formal and/or effective role as acting interim head coach, right?  With everybody remaining in place per the regular season?

At the Gator Bowl, will Meyer's visible role be like Rich Rodriguez's role at the 2007 Capital One Bowl; on the sidelines, watching silently but not coaching...?

cbusbuckeye's picture

Correct. Meyer cannot do any "coaching" until after the bowl game. That being said don't be surprised if Bollman has an epiphany and opens up the playbook, while not being able to coach, one has to think Meyer will have some kind of subtle urging/suggestion as to the game plan. 

LABuckeye's picture

Would this be akin to the epiphany Bollman had in the Michigan game that had nothing to do with Tressel and his speech to the team the day before?

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The good thing is, the EMT personnel who undergo emt course or training response quickly in this situation.