Eleven Dubcast: Grief Counseling

By Luke on December 8, 2011 at 11:10a
On the Wings of Love

December 8th. A day that will also live in infamy. The day after Pearl Harbor was bombed. People were still really upset and frightened. Japanese forces also concurrently simultaneously invaded Malaya, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. That seems pretty unchill.

Now that you've gotten your daily dose of important historical discourse, we move on to more fun things. Monopoly! Sadly, not the popular Parker Brothers board game. Johnny and I begin the program by talking briefly about what Ohio State has in store for us come January 2nd in Jacksonville and then spend, oh, roughly 10-15 minutes crushing on Urban Meyer. Can you really fault us?

Things then get meaty as we're privileged and thrilled to be joined by the excellent Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports to talk all things BCS: this year's matchups, how we got to where we are, what the non-BCS bowls represent, and what the future holds for college football's post season. Dan and co.'s essential treatise on the BCS, Death to the BCS, actually has a newly updated and revised edition out. Even if you already have it, you pretty much owe it to yourself, family, friends, and all the functionally insane folks in your life who remain staunchly anti-playoff to nab a new copy.

Lastly, we dish on your unbeaten #2 ranked Ohio State men's basketball team and what the Kansas game looming on the horizon means. Can this team win without Sully? Should we really be heartbroken if he doesn't go and the team stumbles? If he does go, can he pretty much drink KU's milkshake? All this and Andy Rooney.

Right click save as here to download this bad boy. Check us out on the iTunes Store if you're an Apple fanboy (or girl). Or, if you really want Johnny's aural raw sex appeal to cause your significant other to leave you for him, click play underneath in their presence:

Interested in the music you heard in today's episode? The episode's opener is Phantogram's "Don't Move" from the album "Nightlife". After Mr. Wetzel finishes inspiring us to espouse a higher set of ambitions for the sport we mutually love, we rock out to Neon Indian's "Polish Girl" from the excellent "Era Extraña". The song itself is $1.29 but the album is a steal at just $5. We both know what you must do. Finally, we celebrate love (and life) with Ohio's own, The Black Keys, from the newly minted "El Camino", we give you "Money Maker".


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The Vest-er's picture

Jay Crawford and now Dan wetzel. I don't know how to say this but you guys are kind of a big deal. People know you. You probably have many leather bound books and the home office of 11w smells like rich mahogany

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

Jason Priestas's picture

Luke and Johnny have some dubmentum right now. Next week we'll have another big name on.

Buckeyejason's picture

LOL..like Wisconsin fans know shit about Jay-Z or Ballin hard.


BrewstersMillions's picture

Some of them might but THAT one does not. This I can assure you.

Denny's picture

That guy only knows about Jay-Z because he heard Uncle Cracker talk about Jay-Z once in an interview.


DJ Byrnes's picture

I remember seeing this during the game and shaking my head. The flatbill, the track jacket, the necklace.... the whiteness... the livestrong type armband.... it's all there.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

Denny's picture

Luke, Jerkwheatery and I all screamed 'BALL SO HARD' with delight when we saw this guy. Got a few strange glances from others at the bar.


Buckeyejason's picture

The kid likes his n****s in Paris..bumps it on his dairy farm with poppa and nanna.


Bucksfan's picture

I will say that the Rose Bowl, as a New Years celebration, is one of the great traditions in America.  The bowl game is just part of it.  You have a parade, and a party in Pasadena, too.  If we go to a playoff, I hope the Rose Bowl sticks around.  I think it'd sell out even if you put unranked Duke-Northwestern in there.

Great dubcast, as always!

Luke's picture

Thanks so much for listening (and the kind words to boot).

Scott's picture

Tops, guys. The audio quality, the music, the guests, the content. I've heard a few webcasts from other sites and they don't even compare. Keep up the good work and if you can't give us forty, at least promise six and a movie.

Class of 2008

Luke's picture

This may be the best comment we've ever gotten in Dubcast history. From the most sincere places in our cold, cold hearts, thanks for listening.