Braxton Miller Highlight Reel

By 11W Staff on December 5, 2011 at 11:24p

We're pleased to announce a new partnershp with Gneptune Productions. They'll produce the videos and we'll sit back and watch. And we could watch this one all day long.

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Kitchel's partnership died fast or what? Its okay though, as I think I like Gneptune's videos only a tad more.

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Kitchel got a full-time job and his time dried up. All good, though. The video above is amazing.

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fantastic video. this must be the equivalent of porn for urbz. congrats on the new partnership. you guys shoud give Jean-Ralphio a call and help make 11W Columbus' 1st Blog/Entertainment Multimedia Conglomerate.

also- would you guys be able to put together a Joey B Lowlight video capturing all of his overthrows this year? A perfect LULZ capper for this season and we could get a true tally of fan death by overthrow.

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gneptuneproductions's picture

I was thinking about making one with this song in the background but.. I'm not a big fan of making fun of a Buckeye. But a 4 minute loop of the look on that Michigan punter's face with this song in the background, that I could do:P

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that's fair. despite his lack of on-field production ol' Joey B is good guy- i've had a couple chances to talk w him on campus so i understand.

but yes i think we would all love to see that punter's face on loop- a victorious battle for us in a lost war lol

great work on the videos!!

How firm thy friendship

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two thumbs wwayyy wayyy up for JEAN-RALPHIO

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Tim's picture

So excited for next year, Miller should put up huge numbers in Meyer's offense.  Just have to temper expectations since the sophomore slump is a thing and adjusting to a new offense could take a little time.

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You could tell he learned on the job. The kid got so much better as weeks progressed!

I think he will thrive in meyer's offense and i think he will pick it up very quickly. Urban will do a lot better job molding braxton miller than he was receving this year.

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Every significant piece of the offense back except Posey and Boom. An entire spring and summer to work with Coach Urbz.

Next year's gonna be a fun year :-)

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I wouldn't get so excited yet. We have to replace three starters on the O-line, and that means that Marcus " El Matador" Hall has to play at right tackle most likely. Lets temper our expectations for the first year. After Meyer pulls in some O-line studs, then we can talk about years being special or fun. I'm just as excited for Miller to be in Meyer's offense as much any other person on this blog, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but I am saying lets take a step back and see who we get for the O-line this year, because as of now, our O-line is incredibly lacking in depth.

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Marcus " El Matador" Hall

Hahahahahahahah, I am using this one.

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Oh no so this means we dont get the five yard false start from JB every frickin game.

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Now THAT is a highlight reel

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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Are the people who made the Wisconsin video ( associated with the university? Every video they've produced has been on point.

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Braxton Miller:  Breaking people's ankles since 2011.

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Sooo looking forward to watching him play in a Meyer (or any non-Bollman) offense. If we'd passed more during the season, I believe he'd have connected on one or two of those open bombs. We'd be watching Meyer come in while enjoying an upset win over TSUN.

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If we'd passed more during the season, I believe he'd have connected on one or two of those open bombs. We'd be watching Meyer come in while enjoying an upset win over TSUN.

I totally agree with this.  They played the majority of the season scared.  The Walrus needed to let Braxton loose a little more and get him some game time reps throwing the ball.  Not having the Video Coordinator "coaching" him will be a plus as well.  Now if we can teach the receivers to get open and how to catch.....


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At 2:33... I love how Boren is out front, just eating people up downfield.  

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Boren gets my vote for Offensive MVP ... hands down.

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gave me chills! great vid! braxton is going to have a great career at OSU. really looking forward to watching him play more.

the greatest part about braxton? he's not a cocky jerkwad.


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A great compilation.  Can't wait to see more of those back shoulder fades to Devin Smith, crossing routes to Stoney and dump offs to Jordan Hall.  The kid has oodles of talent and easily projects to become the all time total offense leader in Buckeye history if he stays around for 4 years, but he will eventually have to depend more on his arm and less on his feet..........those incredible feet.

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A lot of those highlights are completetions to #15, Devin Smith... bodes well for the future