Your Penn State Vent Thread

By Johnny Ginter on November 19, 2011 at 6:42p

The sum of the parts does not always equal a whole. Ohio State had some incredible individual performances against Penn State, but ultimately yet another poor start to a game doomed the Buckeyes as they struggled to get back in the game in the second half. A lot of this can be attributed to youth, or poor coaching, or any number of reasons on the Ohio State side, but hats off to Penn State: Tom Bradley brought his boys to play.

We now cast our lonely eyes to Michigan week; take all that hate and vitriol you've got collected in that black pit you call a soul and instead of casting it inward, look to Those Jackasses Up North and allow it to become your sword. Swing your sword.

So, let this serve as your vent thread; please keep in mind that this is football, and keep all criticisms and complaints to the realm of football. The fans at the Horseshoe acquitted OSU fans very well, and we hope the same from our commentors. Also no calling JB Shugarts fat.


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JB Shugarts is fat.

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After seeing how easily Michigan ran over Nebraska today and then seeing how Penn State ran over us, I'm not too entirely confident about this year.

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Agreed. When 11W does the game predictions thread, there should be a ban on calling people "fake buckeyes" and other things for predicting a loss.

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Shugarts offside? What a shocker...

"Hell, Woody didn't recruit me; he recruited my mother!" -Jack Tatum                       

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It's Michigan week. They won't know what's coming. I bet they've never seen this many dave, wildcat, and well-timed draw plays in one game.

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So two seniors on our O-line play some of the shittiest football I have ever seen. Brewster had 4 or 5 bad snaps, and Shugarts fucking false starts on 4th and 5. Play with some fucking heart, there is literally no senior leadership on this team, and it shows.

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Urban Meyer please save us!!!

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I loathe that it's come to this. But I am coming to accept it.

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Brady Hoke sweats butter.

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He bleeds sausage gravy...

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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The Hokester sucking down some gravy flavored beer. 

“The minute we stop expecting greatness from our football program, we become Wisconsin.” Craig Krenzel

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They still love Bollman in his home town in the arctic.

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Unfortunately not enough love cuz they referred people to another blog. Assholes

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Good for old' JB...coming full circle and going on with his standard most opportune time as well.

I want a fall Saturday in Ohio Stadium..

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I never would've imagined this season going like this. Pretty disappointing. A new staff can't get here fast enough.

In the words of Michael Fredo: "This time around, no more tears."

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The two primary things I take away from this game are:

1) Penn State got the early lead, and ultimately won, because they spent the first half running plays that the Buckeyes clearly didn't expect; and

2) You wonder what sort of season this would have been had our coaches understood that yes, the rules do allow you to do things on offense that the other team doesn't expect.

I saw enough today to prove to me that we're the better team, and I think we might have actually moved the ball better than many thought we would. But mistakes (the fumbles, the drops, the bad snaps, the Shugarts at the end) were the killers. It comes back to coaching and preparation.

I might have to sit out next week. The team seems to be regressing, I have no faith in the ability of this staff to prepare them, Tatgate has me skeptical that the players even care all that much about the Gold Pants and all they signify, and I have no great desire to watch Coach Spanky and those cretins up north dancing on the grave of our season.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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Fuck 'em all, let Woody sort 'em out.


Its Hate Week. Time to forget this season sucked and remember that Michigan is a bunch of pussy ass bitches.

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And that Ann Arbor is the whore of whores.

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I don't even have anything to vent. The chance for ultimate redemption is next week. The greatest thing about being a Buckeye fan is that a win against Michigan makes this though season all worthwhile.

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I'm not really sure a win next week makes this season worthwhile but it will sure help.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Are you suppose to dissect this mess and talk about the crapstorm of turnovers, poor execution, and bad, bad tackling? OSU looked bad. Real bad. They tried to stay in it, but just kept up with the mistakes. Dropped pass....ugh. That sucked. Suckage. Beat Michigan. That is all we have left as fans. All the players have left for the season. Kick their asses.

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Bollman can't coach plays.  Can't coach a simple center snap.  Can't coach snap count.  Can't coach proper splits for an extra point.

The O-line has positively stunk it up this year.  This was the famed block O's senior season and other than a dominating performance against Indiana, they've underachieved worse than any group I can think of in my decades of watching my beloved Buckeyes.  Three of six on the O line were high school All-Americans.  I feel bad for them in a way.  They thought they were going to come to OSU to be coached and developed in the NFL ready linemen.  

Well if they have brought us anything, it is probaby the end of the Bollman era, and we can thank them and the tat boys for that.

Salvage the seasons Buckeyes.  BEAT BLUE!!!

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Bollman seen addressing the team after today's loss...

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Wasn't sure anything could make me laugh after today's debacle...but...that...was...awwwwwwwwsome! Heheheheh!

"The minute I think I'm getting mellow, I'm retiring. Who ever heard of a mellow winner?" ~ Woody Hayes 

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several things i am going corso and saying f--- it!!!

it must suck for braxton to have to play against the other team and his own offensive coordinator

abc?espn u realize there was a football game being played in between the shots of joepa waterheaded son jay

i hate the new tradition this year of spotting the oppenent ten in niovember can we wake up before we are down ten

bollman walrus whatever u will not be missed at all

this season has not been what we are used to we just got spoiled

withthat being said it is hate week brady hoke is a fat tub of shit and that jvs up north can still kiss my buckeye ass


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I'm no Bollman fan but I really don't blame him for the bad snaps...I mean, come on Brew.  And JB's false starts are not Bollman's fault.  What, he taught Mewhort not to move early but forgot to tell JB?  Nah, that's on that kid.

We beat Michigan next week, hire Urban the following week and this nightmare ends.

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I don't know about you...but I heard Corso say "Fuck Michigan."

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That is what happens when you welcome the away team in and hold fucking hands. Ohio state football coaches you fucking suck balls. way to run the clock down 6 with 7 mins to go. The sad thing is these rat bastards make more money then god and cant even understand the basics of play calling.

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This is what happens when you welcome the away team in and hold fucking hands.

Ugh. Your viewpoint is so twisted. That was NOT the problem in any capacity today.

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Who are you? Do you REALLY believe the stuff you write on here?

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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tampabuckeye i wish i could meet you so i could confirm you personify the man in your pic who while funny on tv is someone i would never want to be around, btw vulgarity doesnt help you make your point

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'That is what happens when you welcome the away team in and hold fucking hands. Ohio state football coaches you fucking suck balls.'

Displays of sportsmanship, even when forced, are never a bad thing. In the case of today's game, it was especially good that the team and crowd didn't project their anger at the PSU brass onto the team. Teams hold hands all the time as a show of unity; this (and the pre-game handshaking) has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. Your last point merits no response.

'way to run the clock down 6 with 7 mins to go.'

This is actually a valid point. It's a shame that it's sandwiched in moronic statements.

'The sad thing is these rat bastards make more money then god and cant even understand the basics of play calling.'

I'm not an accountant, but I'm pretty sure churches get more yearly donations than the OSU coaches make. God's not real good at playcalling, either [via the Crusades].


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I am bitter not because we lost but because I am not shocked we lost. I have lost all expectations to even score, let alone win.

And that makes me bitter.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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I don't need to vent, I don't get pissed off anymore because this team has played like shit all year, and they are what they are..a 5 loss team.

I predicted a 7 point loss and was almost correct unfortunatly. Sadly, this team might get embarrassed next week in Ann Arbor. All we can hope for is a whole new coaching staff and an off season full of good news.


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I predicted a 7 point loss


hey! me too

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T-Shirts for us!! Derp


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I take full responsibility.  At the start of the season, I thought we might go 6-6 or 7-5.  Blame me.

I've seen a lot of seasons....worse than this.  And, yes, a win over TTUN will help to balance the scale.

There are a lot of players on the team, and a few coaches, who've played their hearts out.  Let's not overlook them in our exuberance to criticize the few who made this season so forgettable.  My thanks to those who gave their all.

Overall, this team is young.  A new coaching staff, some new recruits and the sun will rise over the Olentangy, it's gentle glow will light our way to next season and hope.

In the meantime - let's focus on next week's game and our eighth win in a row (screw the vacate).  Go Bucks!


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Three straight games of spotting the other team 10 points.  That falls on the coaches.  Thank you Fickell, your parting gift to us can be a victory over M*ch*g*n.

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I am incredibly troubled that a freshman QB, two players who were suspended for most of the season, and a couple exceptions on the defense are the only players who have shown consistent heart and desire to win this season. The rest of this team's scholarships are almost worthless at this point. "#shocktheworld" my ass.

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Completely agree.

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When asked for comment, Jim Bollman referred all questions to his bucket.


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second  that. . . is he packing his office into the bucket


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I'm pretty sure that captures the exact moment the WildHyde play was conceived.

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Basketball will save us all!

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Don't post very often, but after today's game can we all agree on one thing?

I along with a lot of posters would have loved to have seen Fickell grab this job by the throat and say emphatically it's "Mine!". However; after constant emotional and in-game adjustment indifference one can only imagine he knew his fate was sealed from the beginning.

How else can you explain Luke's behavior if he knew this was his one shot at a dream job?

What should have happened:

(Week 4) Fickell: "Bollman , thanks for your dedication to the program; your offensive play calling will no longer be needed!"(If Fickell knew this was his one shot)

Why on earth would you allow the fate of your future to wrest in the hands of incompetence?

Luke chose to allow this to happen on both sides of the ball all season. My only guess is that he knew all along that Urban would be named coach with Luke's services as D-Coordinator for 2012.

How else can you explain his (Luke's) complete lack of emotion threw out this season thus far? 


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Wasn't allowed to make those calls.

William's picture

That's bull in my opinion, he had the power to hire, why couldn't he fire?

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Look who he hired. A guy that had no other options as he was retiring from the NFL. Who the hell could Luke have gotten to be the OC when he was hired? Seriously, I'd like to hear an answer to this.


There was no chance to get anyone at the point that Fickell was hired and I seriously doubt that hiring a new OC and trying to install a completely new system in early to mid June would have been the way to go. I lothe Jim Bollman as much as the next guy but seriously trying to make that kind of change at that point would have lead to more problems this year.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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If he were The Vest, he would have the power to fire, I do not think he ever had the power to hire or fire...I think he said he would keep the coaching staff to appeal to the Buckeye nation! Yea, did it kick his ass, yup! But it is not on him that they have only 2-3 starting seniors this year...with Freshman that can't catch a cold when they have a Freshman tossing footballs into their bread baskets! A coach at the college level should not be directing their focus on catching or tackling, as this skill should have been learned when these kids were 12. Also, it is not the coaches fault if a 4th year starting Senior does not know the play count! I do agree, that when Bollman continuously tried F'n us big time with the no pass game, Fickell could have chimed in! But to say that an Urban Meyer could do better with the deck that Fickell was dealt...well, that is just ignorance

"Because I couldn't go for three"

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I don't know if Fickel knew it all along, but I'm certain that his fate was sealed when the team went to Purdue with the Big Ten championship within their grasp and lost to the Boilermakers.

I hope he stays as a defenive coach/coordinator under whomever the new head coach will be, but there can be no doubt that Fickel has not earned the head coaching job. Not even a win again TSUN will change my mind on that.

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Brewster has completely shot his draft stock after a subpar season IMO.

Shugarts is a joke, nothing more to say about him. Mr."We're going to win a couple of Nationalchampionships at Ohio State" can't even get the snap count right in 4 years.

Boom, Braxton, and Shazier..god bless ya!


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It's just, sadly, par for the course that Shugarts would false start at the MOST inopportune time, but I have to agree 1000% -- Brewster has been a disappointment this season. I don't know if he's got sand in his vagina due to Fickell not naming full-time captains, but he has had problems not only with snap counts and shotguns, but also with picking up his assignments, and more than once. Mike Adams has been 50/50 at best since he came back. We know what Shugarts is. *I* could coach this O-Line better than it has been, and I normally deal with 11/12 year olds. It's ridiculous.

Don't get me started about the linebackers. Shazier, God bless 'im, is going to be huge for the next three years. Klein and Sabino -- just sit down, boys. You're a disappointment, too. Sweat has been okay. but just okay. Not special. Not like Homan, Laurinaitis, Hawk, Carpenter... how far back to you want to go? These are the worst linebackers as a group that I can remember at tOSU, ever.

What can you say about Fickell? I almost agree with an above poster -- he knew he was 1 and done. He has no options. He's stuck with these Offensive coaches, either by his own choice, by circumstances, or due to some loyalty to Tress -- I don't know. But he's been in a no-win situation, and he clearly wasn't ready. I don't see how he can stay -- don't know if they'd want him to -- but it's a damn shame. If Urban is coming, I guess I'll have to accept it, but I'm not sure I like it. Sadly, I'm just glad this season is almost over. For the love of Pete, beat Michigan, would ya?


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Please tell me Bollman and Sicliano were summarily fired after that wildcat-handoff-fumble debacle... Please!!!

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Ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 six-and-five Ohio State Buckeyes. My Five Thoughts.

1. The defense in the second half was brilliant. That goal line stand! holding PSU immediately for a second time after the Hyde fumble; keeping the Lions to under 75 total yards in the entire second half. I'm not sure if that was a change of heart, change of scheme, or PSU changing its offense after intermission, whatever it was it worked. Unfortunately, the defense still didn't get the memo that football has four quarters. It has been taken for granted that our offense stresses our defense by not scoring enough - the other side is that when our defense gives up 250 yards and 20 points in the first half to a team that averages those numbers for a game the defense is stressing out the offense. Unless summer drills instill a better understanding of assignments, a greater desire to perform we may just have to accept that our defensive side does not appear to be deep enough to keep us competitive.

2. Braxton Miller has the heart of a lion. Just like Dennard Robinson. Unfortunately he has the arm of Robinson, meaning that unless and until he is given an offense that is based more on surprise than brute force there will be only so much Miller can do. He is not often  going to win games with his arm. Because . .

3. Finally getting back the best receiver on the team and connecting with him for two plays for 57 yards (this is good) Bollman's idea of using Posey as a decoy was putting Hyde and Hall in the Wildcat, knowing that as soon as PSU saw them back there PSU would likely triple-team DeVier to stop the pass that was almost surely coming. Excuse me Mr. Walrus, but when the best rusher on the day is also the only guy who will create even a mild concern of a pass why is anyone else behind center? Why deep in our own territory do you have someone not used to handing off in position to hand off to someone not used to getting a handoff from player #1? Did it never, ever, remotely, slightly, possibly occur to you that that carried a risk of a missed exchange, leading to PSU getting the ball inside the red zone?

4. Next week we play scUM and Purdue plays Indiana. Assuming that those games go the way common sense suggests not only will we finish 6-6 but we will finish behind Purdue. If we beat scUM and Pur beats IN or if Indiana upsets Purdue and we fail to stop TSUN we finish behind Purdue, thanks to their victory over us.

5. Even after last week there were some defending Fickell. Today our defense came out flat, our offense was Miller and nada. The team is now 6-5 with one of the six a narrow escape over a MAC team, another a too-narrow escape over Indiana, a third a win over a team that has now lost 5 in a row, Akron is 1-10, Colorado is 2-9. We have exactly one win over a team with a pulse. From now on anyone arguing that Luke should be kept as head coach needs to point to specific ways in which he has inspired this year's team to play in a way that represents tOSU. I don't want "he inherited a tough situation" or "he's loyal" or any other cliches, I want analysis based on the specifics of football management. Meyer is not a done deal as of now. Even if it is just academic because the contract is written, it just hasn't been signed yet, we in Buckeye Nation can and should be thinking about who our coach in 2012 will be if not Meyer. I will state categorically that on the long list of non-candidates should be Luke Fickell.

Buckeyejason's picture


Especially the piece on Fickell


TBDBITLinWIScantSON's picture

I just went outside and broke some boulders with my sledgehammer. It helped, a little. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next weekend. I guess it at least got me outside in November in 'sConsin..
Still, after a loss like that, I'd rather be a buckeye than a PSU fan. That win will only carry you so far in the tunnel of sh!t that lies ahead for that program. And their season will come to a crashing thud next weekend at camp randall, anyway.


Bucknut614's picture

Thank god we have only one more game w/ Shugarts...  

Buckeyejason's picture

and Bollman..and Fickell (as HC)...and Siciliano...


Denny's picture

So — it's pretty clear that Philly Brown < Devin Smith, so why isn't Smith our #2 receiver? Mind-numbing.


Buckeyejason's picture

I feel like every game there's a deep pass that derps off of Corey Brown. Yeah I'm calling him Corey. Philly is too cool of a name to call a guy that derps so much.


Normal Buck's picture

Can anybody figure out how many balls they've thrown to him that he hasn't caught, v.s. how many he has?  There were a couple tough ones last year that he got mugged on and didn't make the plays, but this year he just flat out drops them.  Frustrating that he seems pretty able to get open, but his hands are just allergic to the pigskin.

Northbrook's picture

Kid is here for one reason, to catch the ball, yet he cannot do it.

onetwentyeight's picture

Well people, this is what happens when your Head Coach is "learning on the job". 

For me, the most telling moment that summed up this entire inept season was that one time we called a timeout, went back on the field, and prompty got an illegal formation penalty. Because what good is a timeout where you actually GET YOUR SHIT IN ORDER?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!! 


Whatever, this was a lost & wasted season. I knew from the moment Toldeo almost upset us at home that Fick never should've been handed this job with 0 experience. What could you expect. At least we got a real coach coming in. 


We can still beat M!chigan. There's always a shot in rivalry games, regardless of the records on either side. After that, clean FUCKING HOUSE, hire Urbz, hire a REAL STAFF not a bunch of YES-MEN from YSU, clean up in recruiting and unleash som PAIN next year in the B1G. 



buckIalum's picture

Hey guys, new to the site.

The slow starts are obviously killing us. One would think that the team should have no problem getting up and going out of the gate against Michigan. 

My biggest worry about next week is seeing what the Wildcat formation did to us today. Denard is basically a Wildcat everytime he takes a snap, so hopefully a lot of effort is spent in practice figuring out how to contain it.

Go Bucks! Beat the hell outta Michigan....again.

Buckeyejason's picture

Welcome buckalum


biggy84's picture

Yet another week where the opposing coach says that tOSU wasn't prepared. Did anyone see how Indiana and Purdue played against everyone except us? Horrible coaching on every level.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Did I see a Stoney sighting? I'm not sure as I blinked a lot.

LABuckeye's picture

Hoke is celebrating his big win today...

buckeyejonross's picture

It's funny that we are the ones saying "It's The Game, records don't matter!" Jesus Christ. This has been a nightmare.

"You might as well appeal against a thunderstorm as against these terrible hardships of war. War is cruelty, there is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over." -William T., Battle of Atlanta, B1G.

lhardeman's picture

I understand we don't have the most accomplished wr's, but can't we throw in a couple screens, maybe a rb in the flat, something to get our qb into a situation where he can get more comfortable and confident.  It is kind of like the old basketball adage where the guy takes the ball to the hole for an easy bucket which gives him the confidence needed to make the outside shot.  The other thing I've noticed all year is that our o-line doesn't get to the second level very well.  It seems that once they double team a a d-lineman they both stay on him instead of one of them peeling of and blocking the linebacker, which he should do.  The defense played lights out in the second half, but I don't understand why a coaching staff only seems to make adjustments during halftime.  We have 30 minutes during the first half, use some of them to tell players what they are doing wrong.  I'm wondering if that is the problem with the o-line.  If bollman is in the booth, how can he relay to his o-line what they are doing wrong?  Just a thought.  This has been a very disappointing season.  I like Fickell, but I don't see how they could keep him as the head coach next year.  I pray that some how we can put it all together for Missagain. 

God, Country, Ship, Shipmate, Self.

faux_maestro's picture

If bollman is in the booth, how can he relay to his o-line what they are doing wrong?


I'm not sure he would have anything constructive to say.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

TLB's picture

Same old story.  Team was not prepared.  Dont know what they do Sun-Fri, but they aren't ready to play games on Sat.

Bucksfan's picture

They don't play all downs of each series.  A lot of that is on the coaches, but the effort in the 1st quarter is just a joke.  Sucks.  Hope we see a lot of change come January.

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

_ichigan still sucks.

Blake's picture

For anyone who was at the game, what was the reaction like when The Baus was announced for senior day?

OSUNeedles's picture

Not bad... People cheered... Then they made the inevitable comment that it was just because they didn't have to watch him play again.

bucknut3011's picture

Never thought we would be anywhere near 7-5, let alone 6-6.  I expected 9-3.  The vision and heart is missing.  My heart goes out for Fickell, but he just is not ready for this position.  I think, and hope, Urban is the one and that he will retain Fickell to refocus the defense.  Let the housecleaning begin on the offensive side of the coaching staff...

(BTW, are you seeing the sock Lane Kiffin is wearin on his head?  What a pussy!)

LABuckeye's picture

That Kiffin is. I live in Los Angeles, and really can't stand Lane Kiffin and get tired of looking at him. He is the real definition of the "d" word for female orifice cleaner.

Rooster Buckburn's picture

Mich better look out, they haven't seen a derp 'n Dave offense like ours before. . . No sir

BuckeyeLurker0509's picture

Extremely proud of how this team has competed all year. Thanks to all the seniors, even JB False Starts. Let's stomp the shit out of Michigan, and look forward to the future. 

esdbucks's picture

I have to agree that the team doesn't seem prepared to come out and play.  This whole season it looked like it takes the defense a couple of series to get going, and by that time, we're down by a touchdown or more.  I sure hope that Urban Meyer does come in and turns this train wreck around.

O - H - I - O's picture

Everyone wants a guy that can win 100% of the time...Fickell, was so F'd coming into this, with a returning swawd like we should have...we go 13-0...even if The Vest were here, this is as good as 20 Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors can do! Look At The Vests first 2001, all Fickell has to do is beat Shhhhigan and that's all that matters at this point with the talent he has...of course is Urban comes in next year tOSU will be goo, they will have kids playing 2 years together, of course he'll look like a genius again! So would any other coach.

"Because I couldn't go for three"

biggy84's picture

You are funny. This team has tons of talent! You think Indiana,Purdue,Toledo had more talent? He has done nothing with this team. This team has regressed weekly. You think Meyer or Tress just stand on the sideline with a blank stare on their face? Hell no, they coach and prepare their team.

onetwentyeight's picture

HAHA glad im not the only one who notices the ever-present blank stare (plus hardcore gum chewing). 


Seriously, I don't expect him to be doing it every play, but USUALLY when they pan to the coaches, at least half the time they're staring at their play cards, or jabbering into their headsets, or pulling a player aside to (COACH) them up ... etc. Like, you'd think he wouldnt just be standing there looking like a kid who just got his lunch money stolen EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It's like he's absolutely overwhelmed or something. Oh wait, you mean he's never held a head coaching job at any level in his life before? #facepalm 

Normal Buck's picture

Fitting end to a week that started with the majority of us voting in the daily poll that the OSU-Florida basketball game was a bigger game this week than the OSU-PSU football game. . . 

OSUNeedles's picture

Why do we run so much wildcat when our qb seems to be our best runner?

madhatterhater's picture

Or with a guy who has not done it all year.

go bucks

BuckeyeChief's picture

AT LEAST we aren't Oregon or Oklahoma. SMH.

"2014 National with it!!!"

madhatterhater's picture

I was arguing earlier with someone about using time outs at the end of the half.  I just saw in real time why I was right.  Big game Bob strikes again.

go bucks

baddogmaine's picture

I'm not sure who Bob is but I think Fickell used timeouts exactly right at the end of the second half of this game. When our next-to-last drive stalled he had to try to keep some time on the clock for our offense. Had he not called the TOs the clock would have run out during PSU's last possession. Not Fickell's fault (at least not at that moment) that our O-line failed again and Miller got called for grounding, taking more time off the clock.

Right before the PAT attempt that would have won the Purdue game we still had 2 TOs left.  Fickell's unpardonable TO failure was not using one before the potentially game-wining PAT, to ensure everyone on the field knew assignments.You don't generally call a TO before a PAT, but yuou do call a TO  befopre a crucial play and there would be no more crucial play than that PAT. A disastrous coaching failure