Video: Inside Buckeye Football Week 8

By 11W Staff on November 3, 2011 at 12:45p

Just too cool not to share. This vid also does the impossible: It makes Jim Bollman appear human.

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Very cool, but I could have lived without the chopped frame slow down of the Braxton/Smith play in the middle.

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That was slow motion? Funny, thats what it looked like to me Saturday night...

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Man that gave me chills.  4 to go...

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correction, 6 more to go

Cause I couldn't go for three

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Haha, I almost wrote 5.  But take care of these 4 and the rest will come.

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Awesome video, thank you for sharing that. Sounds like Zoe Keating's music starts the pass and then the 2Cellos guys finish the celebration?  Regardless.  Well done.  

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Having seen that in extreme slow motion, anyone else think that we got away with one on the Braxton/Smith TD? He wound up 2 yards behind but looked like momentum carried him across the LOS before he released. Could have very easily been called against us.

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Karma -- for not calling holding on Wisky the 7,000 times they got away with it.

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If you stop it at the 1:42 mark you can clearly see the ball is completely out of his hand before he even hits the line of scrimmage.  The rule states that the entire body of the passer must be past the neutral zone (ie line of scrimmage) for it to be a penalty.

The play was reviewed by the replay officials, and me with my DVR.  Both confirmed the call on the field. TD Buckeyes.

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the entire body must cross, close but no cigar. it was a legit play.

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A few years ago, it may have been an illegal forward pass but the NCAA changed the rule so it was aligned with the NFL rule. As stated above, his entire body must be passed the LOS(Neutral Zone) for it to be illegal.

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Pretty awesome.  The smile on Miller's face was my favorite part.  Kinda of a "I told you coach" grin.

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Chills. That was awesome.

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Having looked frame by frame, it wasn't a penalty. At the 1:43 mark the ball is about 2 ft out of his hands and his left foot (the one he didn't plant on) is just about to swing across the LOS.

Phew! I was imagining a scenario where this would be the Badgers goto defense for years as to how they lost this game. Like how we have to hear from Hurricanes about the PI call in the 2003 NC game.

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Miller got rid of it in time. End of story, the rule is clear. 

That made me man-cry, internally of course :/  My co-workers only heard me clear my throat repeatedly. God, I take this stuff way too seriously.  

Music was cheese but I didn't come here for the tunes MAN...

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It was cool to see the locker room footage and the drum major running passed.

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No question Miller was behind the line. In order for it to be a penalty, his entire body (even his "trailing" foot) must be behind the line. So a hand, foot, finger, anything, as long as some party of his body is behind the line of scrimmage he is okay. Looks like his entire body was behind though.

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It's a good thing this video makes Bollman look human, because his wikipedia looks like a certain sports satire writer *cough* Ramzy *cough* :)

"Jim Bollman is the current offensive coordinator and offensive line coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.[1] Bollman has been the offensive coordinator for the Buckeyes since 2001,[1] covering the entire tenure of head coach Jim Tressel. His 2010 offense set an Ohio State record by scoring 504 points en route to a 12-1 record.[citation needed]The 2011 season has propelled him into national prominence, as he is now the only known walrus coach."

- Wikipedia

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For once I saw him as more than just a walrus bent on destroying any offensive identity the team appears to take on...wierd.

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I felt like I just watched a preview for Grey's Anatomy. That music almost put me to sleep.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Any video that combines Ohio State and Sigur Ros is okay in my book. (the first song)

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Loved it.  Shared it.

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Boom: "We are the big brothers in this..."  It gets cut off but that is awesome.  I can only assume he said division, conference, or Big Ten.

19 second mark.

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Man, does Boom ever look like a leader in that video. Led the team onto the field, pumping them up on the sideline. It's clear how much he means to the team

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Love the emotion by Boom, you can tell it's a relief to finally get out on the field; and he likely realized how just what a special honor it is to be a Buckeye.

Yes - he (& others) made mistakes, but, he's still a young man, afterall.

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This stuff never gets old.....hope we have one to watch after the Penn State, SCUM, B1G Championship and Rose Bowl games!

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Man, did anyone else get something in their eye while watching this?