Eleven Dubcast: The Fight

By Luke on November 24, 2011 at 12:00p
As an aside, Happy Thanksgiving. It inexplicably doesn't get mentioned in the episode but needs to be said somewhere.Do Want

Iran. North Korea. The whole state of Michigan. These are our united foes and when the odds stack up most prohibitively, surely collecitvely we're at our best. In order to help defeat one of history's greatest monsters, we prefer to leave nothing to chance. In doing so, we welcome in ESPN First Take's (and huge Buckeye fan) Jay Crawford.

Unlike the traditional Dubcast format of recap->guest->preview, to ensure the highest probability for victory, we hit the ground running with our guest and don't stop until 8 in the morning p.m. Jay, Johnny, and myself address the following:

-The general disjointedness of Ohio State's 2011 football season and how we reflect on it as a whole.

-Has there been an edition of The Game with as much attention away from the field as on it in recent memory?

-The Meyer hoopla in general and whether or not he's as ideal of a fit as he seems on paper.

-We get the details on Jay's most memorable Michigan game (and a few others that stand out in his mind).

-Finally, we talk about his long history of bets with colleague (and terrorist Wolverine sympathizer) Dana Jacobsen and whether or not he's worried about this year's version of their wager.

Johnny and I wrap giving our brief feelings on The Game and then make fun of Michigan. Be sure to make the whole family listen to this one.

Right click save as here if you want to hear the only voices smoother than cranberry sauce. Check out the iTunes Store if that's your jazz or just hit play below and live the dream:

The music on this edition comes courtesy of the Dead Schembechlers. If you truly want to embrace the hate, let it build in your heart, soul, minds, and ears.


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BuckeyeChris's picture

Jay Crawford...one brown eye and one blue eye. You can't coach that. You either have that skill, or you don't. Kudos, Jay. Kudos. 

Hoody Wayes's picture

It's no disrespect to Luke to judge his readiness. Maybe those advocating for his hiring haven't considered this: would Tressel's record be better, with the same team?

I'm bettin' it would.

blazers34's picture

damn, kinda felt like jay was talking down to you guys a little.  calm down jay.

Luke's picture

Ha, he was chill. Very informative about his reporting process.

Johnny Ginter's picture

i think there's just a general distrust of blogs from guys who've been part of the more traditional media; i personally didn't feel jay was talking down to us, just that he was trying to make the point that print and radio goes through a more thorough vetting process with information.

and he has a point. tim may isn't going to go live with information, especially information this big, unless it is rock solid and confirmed by multiple sources. plus, doing so on weak info can mess up everything for everyone involved. so there has to be some caution in how/why you decide to break a story.

my response to this, however, is pretty much along the same lines as the conversation that i had with lori schmidt yesterday on twitter: blogs and other news sites on the internet need to be considered on a case by case basis; at 11W we honestly try to make sure that our information is legitimate and confirmed repeatedly through multiple sources before we go live with anything. no, we don't use the "five star" source criteria that jay was talking about, but frankly we aren't given the kind of access to the university that other media outlets have.

we stand by our track record. we've repeatedly broken stories that have played out in exactly the same fashion that we've talked about. 11W understands that one false step pretty much kills our credibility (being wrong or having major conflicts of interest is a luxury that guys like ESPN, the dispatch, or 97.1 are allowed to have, not us), and because of that we're not going to publicize BS or sensationalize something that isn't that important or newsworthy.

as one of the senior editors of this site, it is very, very, VERY important to me that we hold ourselves to a higher standard than tab bamford or SbB, and i think that's reflected in the way we do things around here

blazers34's picture

yeah, i get it.  just seemed like he was lecturing.  great job though, and great get, really!

blazers34's picture

damn, he just keeps going to.  jays a talker!

Johnny Ginter's picture

yeah but that's what makes him such an awesome guest (and really good at his job)

Bucksfan's picture

Wow, Jay Crawford!  Way to go, guys!

Ethan's picture

Jay Crawford was an awesome guest! Really great interview, and he wasn't just some talking head that spouted off uneducated opinions. Great job getting him 11W!

biggy84's picture

Jay Crawford is a great guest! He seems very passionate about the S&G.

Type G's picture

Jay is the only ESPN talking head I have respect for. Skip is ok, too. He despises LeBron probably more than anyone so that's a +1 in my book.

Dana J. and her horse face can shove it. Upset in the works on Saturday!

This Thanksgiving break ish confused me... thought today (Friday) was Saturday. I was all amped up to watch The Game. Ha.

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

flipbuckeye's picture

Jay Crawford in 11W's basement? Awesome. Go Bucks.