Colorado Highlights

By 11W Staff on September 26, 2011 at 4:00p

Pretty sure that Devin Smith kid is going to be special.

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Thanks for posting.  I missed the last two games because I was in Mexico for my honeymoon and ESPN Deportes has a different definition of football from me.


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That was one helluva catch.

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Is there something going on in practice that we don't know about? I read from another poster some time ago that Dominic Clarke was our best defensive back and I tend to agree. He has looked outstanding when he is in the game. Roby and Howard have both looked flawed on occasion. I expected Howard to be better than he has displayed. Also, he looks less physical than what I expected. I had a lot of criticism on Chekwa prior to last year. One thing that I could not fault him with was his ability to stick a runner. Granted I am not saying Howard and or Roby are bad, just that I see more flaws in their game than I have seen in Clarke's.

Another couple notes:

Ebner is a beast on special teams. If he is not making the tackle he is corralling the runner into another Buckeyes arms. Watch number 34 on special teams and tell me you are not impressed.

Storm Klein appears as if the game is slowing down for him a little. I know everyone expects him to be the next Hawk but with a little more playing time I think he will come around.

While on linebackers Shazier looks awesome. The only thing I saw that made me cringe is when they were chasing Stewart late in the game and instead of corralling him into a tackle they both took the same angle providing a cutback for Stewart in which he picked up another 10 yards or so. Put 15+ pounds of muscle on him while keeping his speed and It is scary how good this freshman can be. Thank you Urban Meyer. <Conspiracy Theory-Meyer told Shazier that he was going to be coaching the Buckeyes in 2012 so Shazier signed..I heard this as fact from a source greater than Brutus'...Ummm...yeah..>

Smith yes..Just hope that Brax puts a little more touch on his crossing routes to his Rb's and TE's.

Is Boren hurt? I noticed he got rolled from behind on a Hall run a few times. He appeared stoved up while walking toward the huddles from the piles.

Can we get some protection from the line when Berry steps to the plate? He got two carries with 0 opportunity. He needs to catch those passes out of the backfield. I'll have to stop lobbying for him if he can't catch those. Jordan Hall, no complaints here. Great effort.

V. Reed taken a back seat on the depth chart? Didn't see much out of him on Saturday.

I thought it was quite funny hearing the roar of the crowd for a simple TE pass caught for a first down.

Other than Simon and a few Line Backer blitzes I am not seeing a lot of pressure in the backfield. Maybe I am missing it. Since Gholston we haven't had great success getting to the QB on our great defenses. Maybe hurries are more important than sacks? That about sums up my thoughts on Saturday. O, kicking in all aspects has been much improved.

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In my lifetime, there has always been at least 1 or 2 AMAZING receivers at ohio state. We have that this year too, only one is suspended for another game. I wouldnt be suprised to see smith and posey be those safety zones for braxton this year. Sanzenjesus made pryor look like a genius because he caught 99.9% of the balls thrown his way. I think smith is going to be that guy for miller. 


Its michigan state week, guys and gals, lets get excited for start #2 for braxton miller.


Go bucks

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Braxton and Smith have a nice rapport from playing together on the 3rd and 2nd teams while working their way up the depth chart. When Miller gets Posey back and is able to incorporate Stoney a little more into the mix, we'll have a pretty dangerous vertical game that should be firing on all cylinders ahead of the trip to AA.

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100% agree with Jason...people underrate the impact Posey will have on keeping opposing secondaries honest......

Wish we had 1 more game like Colorado or Akron ahead of conference play...I do think we can play good enough defense and run effectively enough to beat Sparty, which would be a huge confidence booster heading to Lincoln (still a likely loss no matter what)

Looks to me like the MSU game could be a hinge for the season; win and maybe go 11-1, 10-2, 9-3 at worst (loss to Miami, Nebraska, and one more); lose and find out we're still drowning offensively and we can be looking at a 7-5 type season.....

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what's the deal with stoneburner? is he getting snaps? does miller just not look his way?

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"Sanzenjesus"  LOL

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I love robbyD's videos but geez man nearly one third of the video is the intro...that's getting excessive. I'd rather just see more highlights.

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Personally I have more of an issue with the multiple cuts from different angles . . . all the time. I guess I'm nitpicking but I think the constant cuts are a little excessive. One or two or even a handful wouldn't be all that bad. But it can be a little hard to actually see the highlight when your brain is still trying to tie all the previous angles together into a coherent picture.

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Yeah he tends to do that a lot, in a way I can understand because it allows you to somewhat fast forward to fit more plays in a shorter span but it makes it difficult to follow. I think he tries to give it a real cinema quality but I personally would rather just watch the full plays as they happened. Not that I should complain though because not many people make game highlights anymore.

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I might be wrong on this, but I think this intro was longer than normal this week because he didn't make a highlight video last week (for obvious reasons).

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Nice highlights.  I really wish you guys had Posey back this week.  I'd like to see the kind of pressure that those two would exert in tandem on MSU's d-backs.

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Hall and Howard made enough plays in this highlight reel to almost add up to one Chris Gamble.

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I don't remember Gamble missing as many tackles though . . . 

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From what I saw that was a perfect game.GO BRAX!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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It was far from a perfect game.


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Hearsay you negative demon! Cast thou out from Buckeye Nation!


I completely agree with you.

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Does anyone besides me have an issue with Hyde losing playing time? Hall has been great and Herron will come back for Nebraska. I'm thinking that Hyde will then be the 3rd and short back only and only sometimes. The kid is nearly 240 pounds, runs a 4.4 sec. 40 and leads the team in rushing and rushing TD's. He has added 51 yards on 6 catches as well (4th and 3rd on the team, respectively).

That kind of size and speed needs to see the field. "El Guapo" has accounted for 24% of the Bucks yards from scrimmage and would have a lot more had Hall not eaten into his carries so much.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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I didn't get to see the game. Was the tackle on Brax at about the 1:31 mark as scary as it looked here - possible snap of the neck time?

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It was scary when he was spinning through the air, but then he bounced back up.