It's Official: Hazell Takes Over at Kent State

By Jason Priestas on December 20, 2010 at 4:06p

Buckeye wide receivers coach and assistant head coach Darrell Hazell was just introduced as the 20th head coach at Kent State. Ohio State released the following statement on behalf of Jim Tressel:

“I’m so excited for Darrell Hazell as he takes over as the head coach at Kent State. He has certainly been a difference-maker at Ohio State. The Golden Flashes are starting a golden era led by Darrell Hazell. His Buckeye family wishes him every success.”

While OSU will be losing an integral part of the recruiting machine and a contributor to offensive gameplans, we wish Hazell nothing but the best as he becomes the latest member of the Tressel tree to take a head coach position.


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BuckeyeChief's picture

So The Senator will be calling the plays for the Sugar Bowl I assume?

"2014 National with it!!!"

SilverBullets's picture

He always has called the plays

JakeBuckeye's picture

What silverbullets said.

But, I also assume Hazell will coach the Sugar Bowl.

tomcollins's picture

Probably not a safe assumption since recruiting for KSU is pretty damn important and he would need to start with that as fast as possible.

It's possible he will stick around, but I'd consider it safer to assume he is gone before then.  If he stays, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Jason Priestas's picture

Time to start up the Shazier -> Kent State rumors?

Colin's picture

But wouldn't that be Fickell's responsibility since he's a linebacker?

Jason Priestas's picture

Yeah, it was a joke more than anything else b/c though Fickell is the LB coach, Hazell is brought in as a heavy for big catches.

Natty Light's picture

hazel put together a lot of the offensive game plan,  but didnt actually call the plays as far as i know. 


WR seems to be our toughest spot to recruit just looking at the rankings coming out of HS.  Recently we are never being considered by any of the top 20 except for posey and duron....then Ginn.  Regardless, Hazell has done a great job with a lot of the recent guys like Sanz, hartline, robiske being not highly rated coming in. 

BuckeyeSki's picture

If you were a top-notch reciever coming out of HS, tOSU and their world-renowned run first gameplan wouldnt be top of your list either.

That being said, I completely agree with you on the lower rated players becoming outstanding receivers. he did one hell of a job and will be missed

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yrro's picture

You would think that the constant stream of first round draft picks would convince people otherwise. The only position OSU puts in the league more consistently is... actually, I'm not sure there is one.

BTwrestle04's picture

We have Evan Spencer coming in this year. He's supposed to be a stud. Plus we snagged Corey Brown and James Louis last year. We have gotten some pretty damn good receivers to come here.

741's picture

Congratulations and good luck are in order to Coach Hazel. I guess we will get to whoop his team's ass about every 4 years or so...

BuckeyeChief's picture

I forgot JT calls all the plays; should have asked if he was coaching.

"2014 National with it!!!"

JakeBuckeye's picture

In an interview he said he is, so that's good news.