Tuesday Skull Session

By Johnny Ginter on November 16, 2010 at 5:00a

Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to your morning Skull Session. This weekend, of course, the football Buckeyes head to Iowa to take on the Hawkeyes in a game that will probably lead me to tear most of my luxurious hair out at some point in the game. With that said, there are more pressing matters at hand, as the B-Ball Buckeyes are in Gainesville right now, getting prepped for tonight's game against the 9th ranked Florida Gators. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be a really fun statement game for OSU, but even if it isn't I've already gotten about a weeks worth of basketball enjoyment out of Jared Sullinger's twitter.

Hey, guys, what do you call a deer with no eyes?


Oh Right, Football. Depth Chart. WOAH HUGE SURPRISE no changes. Kind of. As usual, though the depth chart itself saw no real changes from last week, there are possibly some hidden personnel moves that won't show up for whatever reason. For instance, as reported by Adam Jardy (who has probably made more contributions to society than all other Oasis fans and band members combined), in the second half, as the Buckeyes shifted from a cover-3 scheme to a cover-2, there was a different group out on the field at times that took Gant off the field, put Howard at corner, and then moved Chekwa to Safety. It's an interesting lineup, and seemed to pay dividends as McGloin ended up with as many pick-sixes as completions in the seconds half. In any event, it'll be interesting to see how OSU actually ends up coming out against Iowa.

Speaking Of Whom... I've said it before and I'll say it again: Iowa is Northwestern's Northwestern for Ohio State. Somehow, someway, the fine coaches and players  of the Wildcats have reached the perfect formula to stick in their TI-83s and come out with a win against the Hawkeyes. And make no mistake, it is driving those guys absolutely insane:

I became a Hawkeye largely because of the football program. Dreams of attending Rose Bowls and hopes of meaningful November games in an electric Kinnick Stadium were packed into suitcases and moved to Iowa City.


Now in my senior year, I've learned that the main factor in keeping Ricky Stanzi, Adrian Clayborn, and Derrell-Johnson Koulianos from eternal Hawkeye lore is Northwestern — the destroyer of dreams and slayer of hope.

-Cormac McCarthy is a lifelong Iowa Hawkeyes fan and a sometime contributor to The Daily Iowan

Dirty Dougie Shuffle The Wall Street Journal is world-reknowned for its hard hitting and critical economic and social analysis. This is the most widely circulated publication in the United States and is also possibly the most respected; their reporters have won Pulitzers, they were the first to break the Enron story, and they were among the first news outlets to report first hand on 9/11. And now, in 2010, the WSJ has finally blown the lid off one of the most important issues in college sports today: the Dougie.

This celebratory dance— based on a series of moves described in the hit song "Teach Me How To Dougie," by the hip-hop group Cali Swag District—generally consists of shimmying and then gliding one's hand through one's hair. In a long line of Ickey Shuffles and Dirty Birds, it is just the latest example of athletes using work as an excuse to boogie.

The accompanying video will tell you all you need to know, and also I hope this article inspires some of you to also use work as an excuse to boogie. Unless you're a crane operator or something. And thank you, Wall Street Journal. When the country calls out for extensive Dougie coverage in this time of crisis and doubt, you deliver.

Awesome, Now All I Need Is An Infant Believe it or not, over here at 11W we try. We really do. But in the face of the following, it's hard to pretend that we will ever come close to matching this kind of excellence:



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Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I'm amped for this game tonight! IMO this team has the potential to be the best Ohio State has ever seen on the hardcourt. Tonight is a good way to measure how good this team can be. For me I want to see how good our PG play can be and if the bigs live up to the hype playing against a top team on the road.

chaoscrusader's picture

Back to Football and Next Saturday Night: Sometimes the best info when sifting through the B.S. comes from Bloggers who bleed their team colors. This is an excerpt from Black Hearts Gold Pants:

It's baffling

I understand not being a blitzing team. I understand playing base defense until your eyes bleed. I understand believing in your philosophy and your scheme. But come on…this is like the insanity definition (doing the same thing over and over again believing a different outcome is forthcoming)

But seriously, I understand that the Big Ten (and Mike Stoops) has realized the tremendous value of the 3-step drop and the 5-yard slant and neutralized the greatest defensive line in Iowa history and in the process has found our soft underbelly, also known as our LB corp. I understand this. But, if this was such a great offensive tactic then teams would use it against everyone, all the time. Wisconsin has used it for all of one game…Iowa. Northwestern lives by this and yet looks very mediocre for five straight quarters and then in the 4th quarter against Iowa, never even sees a third down. Tate Forcier looked like Dan Marino for ten 4th quarter pass plays against us. In his 4th quarter Ben Chappell looked like, well, a Ben Chappell highlight reel. Nick Foles looked like a semi-accomplished stiff for three quarters, even threw a pick six to a lineman to open his 4th quarter, then looked like Joe Montana meets Tom Brady to close out his 4th quarter.

If it is depth, then that begs the question…why can Northwestern play 9 freshmen throughout their game…their freshmen…just process that…but we cannot use anyone other than our starters and Binns.

This whole thing strikes me a sophomoric coaching and well beneath anything that I am accustomed to with Norm anywhere near the house. I am being a smart ass of course, but seriously, this is happening over and over again.

Does anyone think that Ohio State isn’t practicing a no huddle, three-step-drop based passing attack this whole week, if for no other reason, just in case. Or let me put it another way, if they are not then now I know why Tressel has never won BT COY.

I have lost my faith in this team’s ability to stiffen up and close out a close game against even a decent opponent. This team can play with anyone on the planet for three quarters…I believe that. No question. But now I have serious reservations about this team—player and coaches alike—and their ability to find a way to close out a close game (the Indiana game is a mirage by the way).

I do think there is a safe lead…it is about 17 points, or three scores. That I believe we could hold on to.

"I wish you luck with a capital 'F'" - The Real Elvis.

by StoopsMyAss on Nov 15, 2010 8:27 PM CST up reply actions  

I think an up tempo approach would be a good thing this week. However, this is all predicated that Tressel and Company comes out executing a diverse game plan that streches and punishes the defense starting in the first quarter not the 3rd qtr (i.e. PSU & Wisc).

iball's picture

Up tempo aaproach? Tressel and Co. executing a diverse gameplan? Has the world ended and zombies taken over the message boards?? AAAHH ZOMBIES!!

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

chaoscrusader's picture

An up-tempo approach would be a good thing against scUM's weak-ass D. Victory is often found in merciless exploitation of a weakness. (Sun Zsu)

chaoscrusader's picture

I was suggesting a more up-tempo game than just avoiding delay of game penalties.

iball's picture

Awesome skully!

- Gotta admit, T. Howard made a great play on the P6. Recognition, closing speed, leaping, hands, all great. That should garner a bit more PT. Did anyone notice his HS teammate E. Sabino nice ST play? Still can't figure out why that kid doesn't see more PT, oh well.

-With this seasons frosh class and next years haul, you have to believe we will be playing bball late into March for a while. Sully strikes me as the kinda kid who will stick around a while, eh DaeQuan?

- We can now officilly say that the WSJ has taught the world "how to dougie". You know why? Cuz all the bitches love me.

- FOUR BUCKEYES!! Perfect!! Utilize the same early age ad campaigns that Camel cigarettes and McDonalds have employed for years!! Next step for OSU football, TOTAL WORLD DOMINATON!! Look out Disney.

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

blazers34's picture

obviously joking about Sabino, right?

btalbert25's picture

They are going to Blast Iowa Saturday.  3 TD's is my guess.

As for the basketball game tonight, It'll be a tough road game for the first half.  Florida isn't that good.  I live in UK wildcat country so I got to see Florida several times last year, they weren't good and were lucky to get a tournament bid.  I don't care if all their starters are back or not, since the 2 titles, Florida basketball has been bad. 

cal3713's picture

4-buckeyes reminds me of the old LSD inspired stadium score board animations.  Woody coming out of the cloads to smote down a RB breaking away for a touchdown?  Second down = a camel with 2 humps?  Third down = three monkeys falling?? Why did those ever leave?  They were one of the things that made the Horseshoe so great...  please bring them back.