We Are... 1-0

By 11W Staff on September 2, 2010 at 10:55p

Things we like:

  • Terrelle Pryor: 17/25 for 247 yards, 3 TDs, and 0 INTs.
  • B-Saine: 9 carries for 103 yds, 2 TDs; J-Berry with the same 11.4 yards per carry average (7 for 80).
  • Tyler Moeller's renaissance as arguably the finest blitzer in a decade.
  • Getting Brianrolled.
  • Evil Tressel accruing 45 points in an opener.

Sadly "Heavy Metal (Take A Ride)" has been retired as our victory anthem [via asinine repeated Terms of Service claims on YouTube]. We're ushering in the 2010 season right with some Akron products we feel will set the celebratory tone just right. O-H:


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Amazing game! Glad i was able to catch it on JustinTV

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evil tressel is evil

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running backs running backs everywhere, and all the teams did freak

running backs running backs everywhere, and oh man did you see those guys we are so stacked holy crap

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Why does this make me thirsty...for stiff-arms?

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Bring on the U!

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Definitely a great first game.  It's nice to see the team not have to squeak one out the first week before a huge non conference game.  This team is going to be one of the great ones guys.  TP looks pretty good, the RB's look great.  Can't wait til next week!

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I thought TP loooked great - his % was at 68, and would have been more if not for some dropsies. I think I counted at least three balls that hit receivers in the hands. Could not be more excited for this team.

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Man crush on Tyler Moeller commenced.

Also for comparison's sake: TP Rosebowl: 23/37 for 266 2 td, 1 int

Today: 17/25 for 247 3td 0 int


Looks like Tressel wasn't kidding with airing it out!

I'm proud to wear my number two jersey.

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 that deep ball to posey that was ~1 ft too far...could have been 18/25 300 4tds.  I didnt see it but the announcer said posey slowed after he got deep

and TWash drop for ~ 5 yards. 

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+1....Man crush on Brian Rolle still continues.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

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He Ate Me showed good hustle

we are willing to throw to stoneburner


-no 3rd reciver "stepped up"  TWash and philly drops

-dont think boren got the ball :(

-special teams

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Bad....Line could block better on field goals.


I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

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our 3rd WR is a TE


ooorrrr grant schwartz, whoever floats your boat. seriously though, there are a billion dudes on this team who could be the 3rd "WR," we don't really need to have one guy to be "the guy" (it's actually stoneburner, sshhhh)

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Miami best hope that the special teams problem doesn't get completely fixed and exploit it early if they want any chance next week.

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Three Things:

1. Pryor - Good improvement - needs to work on patience in regards to the long ball and take what the defense gives them. Also, if it is not there throw it away - do not take the sack.

2. Secondary - Good coverage; however, poor angles and tackling.

3. Special Teams - need I say more.....

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No mention of Warren Ball committing?

It's not about how deep you dive but how you wiggle the snorkel

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It was in a blog and a good shizzy link yesterday pretty sure

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Brian Kelly is weeping over this commitment.

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Special teams kickoff coverage looked like Oregon game, but other than that, pretty good game. I hope the throws to Stoney continue. Jamaal Berry has some real burst, looks faster than Saine to me. Put him on the field next week Tress!! Unsung game ball on defense goes to Tyler Moeller-- he was all over the place (good call 11W). Game ball on offense goes to FB Boren. Talk about creating holes. Did he miss an assignment tonight? Here's hoping that Nathan Williams is better by next week...we are going to need him. Solomon showed me nothing tonight.   

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I really, really like Doc Holliday. Nothing but the best of wishes to him and the Marshall football program.

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No question the best first game I've ever watched since I was a freshman in fall of 2001.

With that said:

How do you like our passing game now, Doc?  Go f'yourself, you former cigar-smoking Gator coach.  HATED ON YOU THE WHOLE GAME FOR THAT!  45-7, and you can speed dial Meyer that we're coming for him next!

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Loved: Pryor, LBs, Moeller, Saine, Stoneburner, Sanzenbacher, Hall, Hines

Liked: Berry (it was garbage time), Chekwa, Simon, Larimore, O Line

Disappointed: Williams/Heyward (expections too high?), Special Teams

I really thought Heyward would take every game over, maybe I was asking for too much.  I also have say, as much as I respect Herron (I don't think anyone works harder or gives more for the Buckeyes) I want to see Saine and Hall in the backfield, they just seem to seperate themselves.

Was I the only one disappointed by no DL sacks?

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the DL was getting decent push but marshall had gameplanned for our DL by throwing a ton of short and quick passes. i don't think they even attemped anything more than 15 yards or so.

plus, simon and larimore both had great games against the run; i don't care who youre playing, holding a team to 44 yards on the ground is pretty damn good

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Especially when like 20 of those yards came on one play

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We have lots of very good players - an amazing wealth of talent. We keep improving and this will be one of the best Buckeye teams ever.

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You can use this link for "Heavy Metal".  It's not the same, but the music is still there.


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Love The Black Keys as the new victory song.  IMO not many bands better than them right now.

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“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Gotta love the Black Keys - Go Bucks!