CJ Barnett Out At Least One Week

By Alex on September 12, 2010 at 8:57p

Ohio State starting strong safety, CJ Barnett, will miss at least one game and possibly more with an injured knee according to Ken Gordon of the Columbus Dispatch. The good news is that the injury doesn't involve the ACL. The bad knew is a sprained MCL/PCL could be the case and that injury left Nathan Williams out 3-4 weeks. Orhian Johnson is likely going to get the start in Barnett's place and is fully capable of handling duties, but Barnett looked really good in the win against Miami. Get well soon CJ!



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CJ was delivering some monster hits against Miami's receivers. Jack Tatum would be proud. Get well soon. Thankfully we've got a few creampuffs on the schedule so he doesn't need to rush back into action and can let the knee heal.

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Yeah, he was bringing it. Hope he's back on the field for Wisconsin.

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Watching that highlight video... Barnett was laying the wood on people in this game. Man, hope he is good to go for Big Ten play.

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yeah he doesn't mess around lol

Heyward's interception will be one of the top highlights of the year


...I do hope CJ gets better quick, he was hellagood, and it's only his second game as a starter

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Look at Barnett's athleticism to get back on his feet after tipping the interception to Williams. Apprx @ the 1:39 mark.

Oh he's going to be really good! Get well soon!

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Didn't realize that Barnett tipped the Jacory pass that Williams intercepted.



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Knocked all of Hankerson's wind out early in the game, too. He's a future star.

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He and Hines were both crushing people out there.

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Ya he is a star already.  We won't play better receivers all year.  Championship!

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Hearing some rumblings that it could be pretty serious.  

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Hope you're wrong.

Reminds me of Anderson Russell - Came on as a young guy and showed a lot of potential and talent early on before he had a major injury. Was never quite the same afterwards.

Hope this isn't a repeat scenario.

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I don't recall if it was here or somewhere else but I read a post before the game saying Barnett was the weak link in the DBs. 100 derps to whoever wrote that.

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Barnett showed why the coaches started him over Johnson...hope for a speedy recovery is in order.

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Ozone's twitter, and others, are saying surgery today, out for the season.

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Tress said he's out for the season at his luncheon.

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This sucks if true...he was killing it out there.

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Agreed, he was laying the wood.  Let's hope O-Johnson steps it up and the defense doesn't miss a beat.  I worry that the drop off after Johnson is steep, however.

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We'll be fine

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Adam Rittenberg (ESPN BIG10 Blog) is also reporting Barnett is out for the season