BlogPoll Ballot Week 3

By Luke on September 13, 2010 at 12:58a

Do you hate sleep? We certainly must given the nature of this past weekend. Can't thank y'all enough that made it out to the 11W tailgate and for those of us just getting back home and/or unable to sleep after a long weekend, peruse our latest Top 25 offering. Though to be fair, BHGP's Adam Jacobi pretty much has it right at this point during the marathon that is the college football season.

1 Alabama Crimson Tide 2-0. Beat Penn State 24-3. 'Bama cruised relatively easily behind the brilliant play of Trent Richardson. Next up: at Duke.  --
2 Ohio State Buckeyes 2-0. Beat #15 Miami 36-24. You all saw the public shaming and defeat of swag for the greater good of humanity. Onward and upward. Next up: Ohio. --
3 Boise State Broncos 1-0. Idle. Boise's potentially most prestigious win took a massive hit with VT's improbable defeat at the hands of James Madison. The Broncos still have Oregon Stat on the horizon and decent sides in the form of Nevada and Fresno, but their margin of error will be zero (including unimpressive or close call wins). Next up: at Wyoming.  --
4 Oklahoma Sooners 2-0. Beat Florida State 47-17. OU head coach Bob Stoops put little brother Mark Stoops' FSU defense on notice and re-established their campaign for national title consideration. Next up: #22 Air Force. Arrow_up 1
5 Texas Longhorns 2-0. Beat Wyoming 34-7. Texas took a quarter after needing a half last year against Wyoming to hit full stride. After 2 weeks not particularly becoming of an elite top 3 team, it remains to be seen whether Texas will have enough to stay in this discussion as the season progresses. Next up: at Texas Tech. Arrow_down -1
6 Nebraska Cornhuskers 2-0. Beat Idaho 38-17. Nebraska put the hurt on the Vandals early before surrendering some late points to '09/'10 bowl season victorious Vandals. The first real test may come next weekend in Seattle. Next up: at Washington. --
7 Iowa Hawkeyes 2-0. Beat Iowa State 35-7. Iowa laid the wood on in-state rival Iowa State in a way typically unlike the rivalry of late. A return trip in a home-home against the Pac 10's Wildcats should represent an early season litmus test for the Hawkeyes. Next up: at #24 Arizona. --
8 Oregon Ducks 2-0. Beat Tennessee 48-13. Oregon did about as expected against a young Tennessee squad after a slow start. The Ducks are still several weeks away from playing an actually viable defense, however. Next up: Portland State. Arrow_up 5
9 Florida Gators 2-0. Beat South Florida 38-14. It took Florida almost 3 quarters to find themselves as many of the same offensive problems persisted until late. Florida will have to break out the style points in conference to play their way back into BCS Championship consideration. Next up: at Tennessee. Arrow_down -1
10 TCU Horned Frogs 2-0. Beat Tennessee Tech 62-7. If you want to be one of the big dogs, it's imperative that you beat down FCS sides like one. TCU dominated and then some putting up 60+ on a team that Arkansas only managed 44 on them a week prior. Next up: Baylor. --
11 Wisconsin Badgers 2-0. Beat San Jose State 27-14. While the Badgers didn't exactly lay it on thick in the style point area (particularly in lieu of the way 'Bama rolled the Spartans a week prior), they did enough to keep their place just outside the Top 10. Next up: Arizona State. Arrow_up 1
12 Stanford Cardinal 2-0. Beat UCLA 35-0. Stanford looked every bit the class of the conference in an absolute domination of a discombobulated UCLA squad. The Pac-10 may yet come down to the Cardinal and the Ducks. Next up: Wake Forest. Arrow_up 3
13 Auburn Tigers 2-0. Beat Auburn 17-14. Auburn was on the fortuitous side of a drop fest on the part of Mississippi State but managed to escape Starksville victorious. They can't rest on their laurels with a huge out of contest slugfest looming with Clemson next weekend. Next up: Clemson. Arrow_up 3
14 Arkansas Razorbacks 2-0. Beat Louisiana Monroe 31-7. Arkansas may be another side we're none the wiser on until they go head first against UGA next week, but with that offense, it's going to be awfully tough to right them off in the interim. We'll find out soon enough. Next up: at Georgia. Arrow_up 5
15 Miami (Florida) Hurricanes 1-1. Lost to #2 Ohio State 24-36. Could never get their offense going and managed to stay in a contest with Ohio State on the strength of strong special teams and fortuitous stark lack of malevolence on the part of their opponent. Arrow_down -4
16 Southern Cal Trojans 2-0. Beat UVa 17-14. Lane Kiffin's side continued to look troubled, likely in part of the continued lack of tackling and practice and a stark deprivation of overall depth on the side (after a rash or transfers, departures, and injuries) though they continue to find a way to win. That problem shouldn't continue with a trip to Minneapolis due next. Next up: at Minnesota.  Arrow_down -2
17 Utah Utes 2-0. Beat UNLV 38-10. After a high profile home win against Pitt in OT, the Utes kept rolling against Bobby Hauck and the Rebels. The Mountain West slate looms before later season clashes with Iowa State and Notre Dame. Next up: at New Mexico. Arrow_up 4
18 Michigan Wolverines 2-0. Beat Notre Dame 28-24. The Fightin' Dick Rods did the clutch thing a second straight year against the Irish as their offense continues to be absolutely Denarded. Will this be a redux of 2K9 or are the Wolverines 'for real' this team? Next up: UMass. Arrow_up 7
19 South Carolina Gamecocks 2-0. Beat Georgia 17-6. Whipped Georgia and their 3-4 as freshman running back Marcus Lattimore went absolutely nuts on the Bulldogs. Next up: Furman. --
20 Houston Cougars 2-0. Beat UTEP 54-24. Even with Case Keenem missing part of the game with injury, the Cougar offense continued to hit on all cylinders. This side remains a dark horse to sneak their way into the BCS dance if certain things go their way. Next up: at UCLA. --
21 Missouri Tigers 2-0. Beat McNeese State 50-6. Mizzou's offense is in sync yet again. Gary Pinkel's bunch may be the loan potential obstacle in Nebraska's drive for the Big XII North. Next up: San Diego State. --
22 Air Force Falcons 2-0. Beat BYU 35-14. Air Force may have fired a warning shot to the rest of the Mountain West with the way they rolled the Cougars this past weekend. Their greatest challenge this season comes in Norman next weekend. Next up: at #4 Oklahoma. --
23 Oklahoma State Cowboys 2-0. Beat Troy 41-38. A late TD made this one seem closer than it was, but the Cowboys' offense is holding true to past years despite the loss of the likes of Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant. Until Tommy Tuberville proves he can be trusted to keep Tech's offense rolling anywhere near the same level of recent historical levels, Mike Gundy and Okie State get the BlogPoll bump. Next up: Tulsa. --
24 Arizona Wildcats 2-0. Beat The Citadel 52-6. Mike Stoops and new QB Nick Foles have the Wildcats moving on up with a second straight 40+ point victory. The legitimacy of their 2010 campaign will gets its first real test with the Hawkeyes coming to town next. Next up: #7 Iowa. --
25 California Golden Bears 2-0. Beat Colorado 62-7. The Golden Bears offense single handedly put Dan Hawkins back onto the hot seat and Cal in part benefits too from the aforementioned Jacobi theorem that pretty much spots 4-25 is a complete crapshoot. Next up: at Nevada, Friday. --
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E-roc's picture

Unoffically, that's THREE Big 10 Teams in the Top 10....(four in the Top 11)!

  • SEC - 2 teams (and South Carolina (19) looks like a much better TEAM than Florida (9)..)
  • Big12 - 2 teams (October 2 is going to be very telling)
  • Pac10 - 1 team (and it's not USC)
  • Other - 2 teams (and come December, neither team will be in contention for the Nat'l Championship game).

Let me know when scUM or Oregon plays a team with a defense worth writing Lou Holtz about.

btalbert25's picture

I know Nebraska will be in the Big 10, but I don't think we get to count them just yet.  It does seem as they are on the right track to winning the Big 12 North and maybe the conference in general, and I'm excited to add another quality team to the conference, but we can't quite call them a Big 10 team yet.

Luke's picture

I've had it pointed out to me that Okie State actually went out of their way to lose to Troy, including fumbling in the victory formation. If I can figure out an apt replacement, we'll bump them before the ballots are finalized Wednesday.

BucksfanXC's picture

Michigan State?

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

Luke's picture

Yeah, I gave them a lot of love last year (granted I wasn't our head balloteer in charge like I am this year) but I just don't know. No super impressive wins as of yet. If they keep marching, I'd love to get them in. I ultimately bumped Oklahoma State and have Clemson at 25 as of now.

BucksfanXC's picture

Yeah, I don't think anybody knows yet. The D looks shaky, especially in the secondary and the QB situation is up and down (but what QB isn't in Week 2?). If they win this weekend, you can't keep them off next weeks though.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

with respect to the fightin velcro's of TTUN, at what point will DickRod wear him out? Is he gonna run him as much against the next 3 shitty teams, or will he be very un-DRod and rest him?


Had a discussion with my WVU friend about it on Saturday. See: Pat White multiple times and Tate last season.

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST