Game Week is Upon Us

By Chris Lauderback on August 30, 2010 at 5:04a

It’s been a protracted 241 days since the Buckeyes roughed up Oregon in Pasadena to capture the Rose Bowl crown. Finally, Game Week has arrived and we’re now just three days away from watching Ohio State take the field to kick off the 2010 national championship quest.

With a new season brings the timeless traditions and individual rituals that make OSU football so communal yet personal at the same time. Skull session, the plume touching hallowed ground, Across The Field, the Hive, Script Ohio and a game capping Carmen Ohio are all looming just over the horizon. As for the personal side, what rituals must you perform leading up to kickoff to ensure you’ve done your part to secure an Ohio State victory this Thursday night? I believe we’ve gone through this exercise before so consider it an annual tradition at 11W. There’s always time to celebrate the fact Ohio State Football means so much to all of us - and that most of us are completely insane when it comes to supporting the squad.

For me, I always open the season sporting a throwback since those are reserved only for big games. Thursday, I plan to honor Jack Tatum by busting out my scarlet #32 and running full speed into the side of a Honda. I’ll also make sure the 16x20 framed Woody in his practice duds is leaning against the coffee table so he can watch the game, as he always does, with my brother and I. But, he won’t take that spot until he’s been passed around the room so everyone can rub his gut for good luck.

In addition to running down your gameday rituals, now is also a good time to lay claim to your breakout Buckeye. Considering the recent changes in the depth chart such as C.J. Barnett sliding into the injured Orhian Johnson’s starting strong safety spot and Andrew Sweat’s theft of Etienne Sabino’s starting Sam job with Sabino now shifting to 2nd string Mike and Johnathan Newsome backing up Sweat, there’s ample opportunity for you to look smart by nailing a new impact player. Right now, I’m still going with Philly Brown to make some noise in the receiving corps and on return teams and Johnathan Hankins to carve out a role in the defensive trenches but that’s just because it’s too easy to pick Jake Stoneburner, Zach Boren or Jaamal Berry. Who you got and why?

Switching gears for a minute, there are a few newsworthy items that require your attention. First, check out this article from Jon Spencer at the Mansfield News Journal explaining why relocating The Game to earlier in the season is the absolute right thing to do. While I don’t agree with the premise, Spencer explores the benefits of not having the always physically and emotionally draining Game right before the conference championship tilt in hopes of avoiding the proverbial letdown.

Also, in case you missed it in Good Shizzy Buckshots, the Buckeyes appear set to land Florida State transfer Dionte Allen, a former Rivals #5 rated cornerback and high school teammate of Taurian Washington at Orchard Lake St. Mary's outside of Detroit. Say what you will of Washington's disappearing act in the fall, but you can't argue with his recruiting chops. Allen will have one year of eligibility left after sitting out the season. I’m not sure this is much more than an addition of depth but we’ll wait and see. Thoughts?

Finally, word out of Miami is that disgraced Ponzi-schemer and ‘Canes booster Nevin Shapiro is writing a book that will detail allegations of NCAA violations by various players from 2001-2010. Feeling used by players once they hit the NFL, “Little Luke” is looking for some payback for said treatment plus he needs the cash to repay investors who bought into his scheme. According to Shapiro he was close with Devin Hester, Antrel Rolle, Robert Marve and others including former ‘Canes recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt. The story gets even more juicy when you consider Paul Dee was the AD at “The U” from 2001-08 and is now the Chairman of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions. Shapiro claims to have the “utmost respect” for Dee which makes you wonder just how close those two were during Dee’s tenure.


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Matt's picture

The interesting thing about Dionte Allen's transfer is that Michigan fans are upset about the possibility that OSU has a firm foothold in Orchard Lake, which traditionally pumps out D-1 talent.  Even if Allen can only help us for one year, his and T-Wash's presence on the team could help us in the future.

Poe McKnoe's picture

The other interesting thing is that he's staying as far away from Ann Arbor as possible and their secondary 2 deep consists of 5 guys.

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

"it's the most wonderful time of the yeeaaarrrr"

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O-H Kee Pa's picture

I agree with your gameday dress code habits, Chris. My authentic home TP hasn't been worn since the Rose Bowl. Reserved only for gameday. In terms of breakout Buckeye, how can you argue with a bigger, arguably just as athletic version of Ross Homan in Andrew Sweat? Also, Hyde becoming our goal line hammer FTW.

J.Mo's picture

Breakout Buckeye: Jack Mewhort. 

Why? Because Barnett, Sweat, Stoneburner, Boren, and Berry are too obvious of picks and he comes from my hometown of Toledo. 

RoweTrain's picture

I agree with Philly Brown as the Breakout Buckeye. If he can get his hands to catch as well as his feet can run, he'll be lethal.

Gameday traditions include but are not limited to: listening to Cie Grant sing Carmen Ohio; have my Woody Bobblehead sitting in his usual gametime spot, and kissing my Buckeye that I received as a freshman n carrying it around with me all day. Also this is pretty much a given but Scarlet jerseys for home games n white ones for the road trips.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

O-H Kee Pa's picture

As I'll be at the game on Thursday, the menu for Saturday is already set: pizza, wings, and Graeter's Buckeye Blitz. Productivity this week will be -800%.

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

seeing that this is a Thursday game, and a 430 kick for me it kinda screws with my routine. Thursday will be work from home, knock off early head to bar(because it's on BTN and I won't have that til I move in a month) and enjoy happy hour. The happy hour is full of win. Less expensive beer and wings. Then I go to Vegas Friday and will spend the weekend camped out at the MGM sports book.


Usually I have to wake up fairly early on a saturday, maybe 730 or 8 to make it to the bars for a 9am kick. Breakfast and pitchers of beer are what dreams are made of.

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ohiowhitesnake's picture

did anyone catch Braxton Miller last night...WOW. My game day jersey is hanging on my closet door, just itching to hit someone!

I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

I watched a good amount of that game, Wayne sure likes to use him as a "running back", and I can see why. That 75 yard TD run was insane.


However, his o-line didn't do him many favors late in the game, neither did the Wayne defense with a couple of drive-extending penalties.

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Chris Lauderback's picture

Yep, I watched. He's definitely slippery but he'll probably have to bag that spin move he uses so much because it might get him killed in college. I was hoping to see him throw more but wasn't necessarily expecting it. He looked pretty damn good. I'm hoping to catch him in person this Sunday when he takes on McKinley in the 'Shoe at 3:30pm.

Natty Light's picture

anyone find a video?  I saw the game before it but ESPN in cincinnati was playing sportscenter at the time of this game.


I also wanted to see his passing, but I think Moeller usually plays pretty solid zone coverage to take away the threat of big passing plays since they don't have the speed at safety/corner. 

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

Moller's RB had a field day against Wayne's defense too.

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Jason Priestas's picture

Braxton Miller v. Steve Miller. Should be a good one.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

I know that there's a small chance of rain on Thursday. What are the odds that it actually materializes?

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Last year I started to DVR all the Buckeye replay games on the B10 network and I'll re-watch all of them in the weeks leading up to the season opener. Not sure if that is a tradition because it is only in it's second year but damn does it get my excited for the season to start. Reliving all of those games, the 2006 Michigan game, the multi OT NC State game, the Holy Buckeye Purdue game, last years Rose Bowl, the 97 Rose Bowl, beating Miami U! The only game I have yet to catch to re-watch that I really want to watch is tSUN game where Gonzo makes "the catch".

I just recently started going to all the home games. I start out by drinking way to much and end the day the same way. I only break out the TP jersey on special occasions for tough games at the 'Shoe or sitting at home. I wear the same hat to every game and carry a buckeye in my front left pocket.

I'm going to fail to comment on a break out player because when I did it last year they got hurt before the season started.

Roger's picture

Good job with the site transition guys! I just bought tickets to the Va Tech. - Boise St gm a few minutes ago and the reality that it's FINALLY football season is finally setting in.


Nick's picture

The new site is nice, only gripe is the word "New" above the avatars in comments!

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

I think it;s so you can clearly tell which comments are new and which are not. I like it.

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flipbuckeye's picture

I like that it points out the new posts, but the location of it is kind of distracting, and it just looks generic.  I think a small gif image could replace it.  Or some other way to highlight new posts.

Roger's picture

Agreed. A separate background color to highlight new posts, or an image positioned next to new posts would be more appropriate.

BuckeyeSki's picture

Shot of Jameson to start the day and kick the jitters (not sure if its game related or alcohol withdrawl lol) Shot of Jameson to celebrate the victory

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RoweTrain's picture

I forgot to put that in my post too.  My brother and I always take shots at halftime and postgame IF we're leading/have won.  If we lose then obviously we take a lot more than one.  We don't really have a set drink of choice, kind of play it by ear the day of the game.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

dannychampion's picture

I live with a Florida grad and an Alabama grad. Lord, please see to it that the Buckeyes kick the living shit out of everyone this year. It's been a long off-season.

Bucksfan's picture

We've got all sorts of gameday traditions, but I'm looking to start some new ones.  I'm inventing a cocktail called the "Jim Tressel."  I'll let you all know how it is and how to make it if it's any good.  I always wear a home or away jersey with the team, and we keep score with Woody Hayes and Archie Griffin stacker dolls...been doing it for 5 years.  Basically, each doll represents another TD, Woody's hat (which is removable) represents a FG and moves from doll to doll (or along the mantle if there aren't any TD's yet).  The hat is turned backwards for a safety.  Once we run out of Woody's, we switch start on the Archies.  But, the biggest returning tradition is BW3 wing sauce for grilled wings. Gotta have it.

Breakout star?  Easy.  For Offense, it's Stoneburner.  I know you say it's too easy to pick him, but if you imagine for 1 minute that you're not an insane Buckeye fan who knows everyone on the roster and what they've done in fall camp, no one else knows who he is or has ever watched him play.  He's essentially a nobody.  Plus, it'll be the first time in 5 years that the offense features a receiving TE, so we're not even sure if it's going to materialize.  So, I have to pick him.  There is just enough lack of depth at WR, and enough talent at all other positions for Stoneburner to shine.

Defense...another easy one...Tyler Moeller.  He technically has very limited game time experience, and really only showed his potential in the 2009 spring game.  He was our breakout star last year but because of that Gator fan, almost died and didn't play.  So, he's basically another unknown that is looking to show Ohio State speed.

Buckeye Black's picture

I live in a condo in MS, every game morning I wake up early and blast Buckeye Battle Cry so all my neighbors can hear it. These MSU Bulldog fans can't stand it. They are good sports about it though, plus they hate Bama.

bcWEcouldn'tGOfor3's picture


I get up at 8AM, have a cup of coffee, and completely ignore anything that doesn't pertain to college football ALL day.

Wife, food, urination/defecation are all obstacles in the way of football...and...with enough will power and practice........completely ignorable.

chaoscrusader's picture

I am hyped for tOSU football; but I am wondering if it is me or does things seem more quite, if not subdued this year... I wonder if the fan base is treading lightly not to jinx anything...

The photo of the Script Ohio looks to be the same as the one Tosh.O used on his show.

Bucksfan's picture

I sort of get the same feeling.  I think people are relieved with the Rose Bowl outcome, but everyone is still cautious about Pryor and Tressel.  The hype going into the 06 season, followed by the letdown in BCS games, getting smashed by USC when Beanie was hurt and Pryor being inconsistent, I think Ohio State fans are finding themselves just trying to be happy that football is on TV.  There's a tough schedule to navigate, Ohio State is trying to break in a fresh secondary against teams like Miami, Wisconsin and Iowa that are all legit passing threats.  So, there's a "this team could be frickin' sweet, but I'll believe it when I REALLY see it" sort of attitude going around.

dmurder's picture


68 degrees with a 40% chance of rain?

Stub hub guys sold my tickets, which were 16a row 35.

I now have tickets in 18a row 25.... can't complain.....

"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

dmurder's picture


"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

Jason Priestas's picture

Ha, please ignore for now. It's Drupal's way of saying the comment is new and it hasn't been styled yet.

Cali Buck's picture

Anyone else see the news on Miami's football program.  Their big booster who ran the 900M ponzi scheme is going to drop a tell all on Miami football over the last decade.  OUCH. What a high moral individual around the program.  Not only is this guy willing to steal your money but he's also ready to turn on you on the drop of a hat for a buck.

KenK's picture

Game day ritual is playing various TBDBITL selections while I'm donnign my "uniform". The uni consists of a scarlet Tressel-vest and the black, Block O Woody cap. I figure that the juju of combinig totems of two great coaches is a sure-fire win.

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MackRM408's picture

Game Day ritual-being drunk by noon

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

I used to live in Mack Hall. 2nd floor though, accross from the bathrooms.

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Ian_InsideTheShoe's picture

Break out player: Jaamal Berry. As if I don't give him ENOUGH love.

Scott K's picture

Game day ritual:  Since Purdue Harbor last year I've retired my Beanie #28 in favor Troy's #10.  I figured we needed better play from our QB :-) The jersey sits on top of an OSU athletics t-shirt, and I wear the OSU socks my folks gave me for xmas 2 years ago.  Things have gone pretty well since I've made the switch, so I'm sticking with it.  Yes I wash the socks and tshirt.  No, I didn't wash the jersey last year.

Bonus: I'll be wearing said garments on Thursday when I attend the home opener with my Dad.  My folks have been season ticket holders since 1966, but I think this is the first game my Dad and I have gone to together since the 1984 OSU vs Illinois game.  We were down in the closed part of The Shoe and Keith Byars nearly jumped in to our laps for that amazing TD in the corner (his 4th of 5 I believe).  You know, the running out of his shoe on a TD scamper game.  The Buckeye single game record for rushing yards till Eddie broke it.  The best single game performance by a player I've ever witnessed in my life, and the most amazing initiation into the religion/obsession of football that a 12 year old boy could have ever dreamed of.  Look it up, amazing game.

Bonus #2:  First game for me in The Shoe since the 1997 Michigan St debacle.  I graduated in 99 and have lived in Europe for the last 10 years, so I'm really looking forward to seeing a game in person again...Oh, and thanks Mom for giving up your ticket for me :-)


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German Buckeye's picture

I hope AFN carries the game Thursday night - it would be on at 0130 my time here in Germany  :( 

jfunk's picture

I checked and it doesn't look like they are going to cover it. Bummer, huh? I'm hoping I can get the torrent before I leave for the weekend but I'm not too optimistic about that.

By the way, where abouts you at in Deutschland?

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