Woody's Sugar Tooth

By Jason Priestas on July 18, 2008 at 3:11p

I came across a pretty interesting interview with former Buckeye assistant coach and associate athletic director Bill Myles. The highlight, of course, was this Woody story:

He had sugar diabetes. When they would pass around the desert tray, he would say he didn’t want a desert. But he would pick out deserts for everyone at the table. He would say, “The key lime pie is very good. Their raisin pie is very good. This kind of cake is very good.” And he would get all these people to get all these different things. And then he would take a bite off of them. And then he would tell us the next day, when you would try to refuse it, he had discipline about himself. He didn’t take a desert. But he ordered everybody’s so he could get a piece.